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  1. Thanks Casey, getting used to this takes time that’s for sure, and this forum is not easy to navigate. So do you get paid to help or am I going to be annoying after a while?
  2. Hey Casey, to me it seems Ig has two bars for yahoo one bar but I’ll check it out. So open at 12 midnight and when is the close ? I have been getting stopped out due to not entering closer to the close. Thanks for the help
  3. Hi I’m struggling with time frame on IG. When does ripple open and close per day (exact hour per day) and why is It different to yahoo finance??? Phil
  4. My Account keeps freezing on sat morning, has anyone else experienced this and can I execute an order via email considering the circumstances Phil
  5. Hi, every Saturday it seems my account gets frozen for a few hours is this normal
  6. Hi, my account looks like view only and everything is frozen is this normal and how can I fix it