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  1. Hi - problem sorted. I went into the mobile app on my tablet, which asked me to confirm my details and then showed me a new features popup (successfully). Now I've dismissed that from the tablet app, I've been able to log into my normal one.
  2. Hello, I'm unable to get into my IG web based trading accounts at the moment. I successfully log on and then there is a pop up window which shows as blank and has the buffering circle in it. I cannot close (only) that window and land on the Dashboard. Problem does not seem to be browser dependent - I've tried it and had the same in Firefox (my usual) but also Chrome and Edge. PC laptop running Windows 10. Please advise.
  3. Hi @elle I do not follow this share so do not have specific information, but your question reminded me of this from @rimmy2000 that I read recently and found really informative:
  4. Just a note that I did take this. It is going OK so far, touch wood etc. Early days though. I also entered a long on Man Group (EMG) via a similar retracement entry order, the other way, but which I gave up on for a small loss yesterday.
  5. BDEV is one of my larger, long term dividend holdings in my ISA. Next Thursday is Special and Final dividend and I plan to add a bit more to my holding afterwards all being well.
  6. After umming-and-ahhing a lot I did actually place that order. Below previous day's low for me. It must have so nearly fired. I'm keeping an eye on whether it sticks to the 20 day MA, or powers on through with decent volume... Not sure what the exact trigger would be for a trade in the latter event though! Usually a case of "oh, there it was!". ? Wait for a retracement if it gets going? There's no order on it tonight anyway.
  7. I know CEO stepped down, but note that it was also Final XD today, 33.51 GBX per share - over a third of the day's move.
  8. Possible short on TALKtalk after current pause? First target 105. Stop about 6 out? Note interim results probably mid Nov. Interim XD probably later Nov.
  9. Interesting - my IG spread bet platform has vol for this today as 1.45m. ADVFN has 16.3m. Anybody any idea why this may be? What exactly the volume numbers represent?
  10. Well for me, today's low volume may be encouraging as just a pause in a long, but it's not convincing me for a reversal. Combined with @elle's fantastic fundamentals contribution here, I'm not going in.
  11. Possibly nice retracement set-up in the offing, short on ITV? Overnight order short just below today's low (currently 156.3), initially looking for 142. Tempted to put the stop tighter than the obvious 164ish for this sort of entry? Thoughts? Note interim XD 25th Oct. Continue the conversation - NEXT PAGE >>>
  12. Checked this today in my own account and it doesn't work. The old-style chart doesn't work this way. I thought I'd try and recreate your problem using the orders in the normal way and it is as you say. The message given after setting a stop when trying to do a limit is that I was trying to sell more shares than I own - implying the shares are sort of locked as soon as there is an order in existence pertaining to them. This doesn't bother me because I don't use these on my share holdings. If it's a concern to you I'd recommend contacting IG in the appropriate "wish-list" type thread, and asking for some sort of "one cancels other" enhancement to the orders system. Unless @JamesIG or another expert knows of one I've not found...?
  13. Does seem a bit odd. Have you tried opening the position's chart, selecting the position in the chart, and seeing if that brings up a limit bar you can then drag up to the required level?
  14. Hi @cfdfutures, I've found that the newer, standard IG spread betting platform does this when you move your stop. It greys the zone that is too close to the current price for your stop to be able to go. Leastways it does on my computer running either Firefox or Chrome. The depth of the zone depends on the market you're in and (anticipated?) volatility I think. Often near economic announcements you're not allowed to set it as close. e.g. on GBP/USD out to 12 points rather than the usual 6.
  15. Hello, new community user here. Signed up after receiving a rather good, new (to me anyway) insIGht email that had a section about the community. I've been with IG about 3 years & mostly hold FTSE 350 shares in an ISA. A core of steady value / dividend shares & investment trusts. I've also got a small spread betting account I'd like to make more use of if I can find a reliably profitable way of trading it. I've mostly been scalping EUR/USD or GBP/USD up to now, with increasingly steady results but still working on getting it more reliably profitable over time. I'm also interested in looking into trading UK shares shorter term than my portfolio holdings using the spread betting account. Weeks - month(s) probably, although as I'll probably be looking at trend-following I'd be perfectly happy for it to turn out to be longer than that!
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