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  1. Thanks all for your comments. There are three kinds of lines I am interested in. Horizontal lines with the level value marked on the left (this feature already was there. That is the most drawing feature I used so far, thanks to the auto-focus feature in the new platform, it saved a lot of time to locate the tip of a candle) The second type is similar to the horizontal line, but only extend it to the right of the chart, not the left. ( This should be quite easy to be implemented). The third type is a horizontal point to point line. It is ok to be out of shape a
  2. Thanks Caseynotes. I understood what you meant. When I said horizontal, that means precise(less than 0.1 pips difference for example), like when we draw using horizontal line. I found whatever I adjust in monthly chart for example, it is not horizontal in low time frames(a few pips difference ). Even going to low time frames to adjust it, it is still difficult to keep it precise. BTW, I like MT4. by holding down shift key when drawing a point to point line(using trend line), it is horizontal, won't move at all. Thanks again for your advice.
  3. Hi Guys, I am very frustrated to draw a point to point line, but keep it horizontal. When drawing point to point line, there is no way to adjust the values to keep it horizontal . The reason why I do not use the horizontal line feature is I do not want the left-to-right horizontal line in the chart to be everywhere, which makes the chart messy. Basically the feature I need is to find a monthly/weekly/daily highs/lows, and start draw a horizontal line from that point and extend it to the right. The closest tool I found is point to point drawing. Any ideas? Many thanks,
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