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  1. $BKLN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n34DkTgWWs8
  2. elle

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    & now.........
  3. The power of Trend Lines ( oh and a fib )
  4. I really don't know what you are trying to achieve with this "conversation". Please do not tag me in it any more - thank you
  5. just for the record - this was an example of my "thinking" - others were shorting this
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    Like I said
  7. I see you mention "timing expectations" - good luck with that, he says he rarely gets timing right. I have seen recent interviews and he does seem a little pessimistic - what would make him change his mind to optimistic ?
  8. Dear @TrendFollower , you probably wont like this response but , I just trade what I see, not what I think. There is so much geopolitical stuff going on that it could screw your thinking. However, the politicians & Central Bankers seem to prefer the markets going up, any dips & the Central Banks come to the rescue.. We are over halfway through the US Presidential cycle & I'm sure Potus will want everything looking good next year. I attach a current chart. As you see we are back at a trend line resistance. I have suggested some consolidation @ here before a further move up, but who knows. Short term trend is up, but you could also say that the market looks sideways albeit in a big range. Sideways is my best guess
  9. Stock Market Turning Points, are we there yet - @Mercury, as the saying goes, "saw this and thought of you "
  10. As far as the original question is concerned, a lot of charts similar to this are being posted in various forums. There is clearly a lot of emphasis being put on the arrowed line, clearly price is reacting to it at the moment. Some consolidation here then maybe a continuation higher
  11. ok , yep I understand ProOrder no good atm
  12. this site gives some useful econ analysis 7 a very comprehensive econ calendar ( under the death by china article ) https://e-markets.nordea.com/#!/article/47862/week-ahead-death-by-china