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    Nikkei 225

    Strong trend - long term chart targets next fib level -
  2. elle


    here is a 15 min chart
  3. elle


    update, quite a battle going on
  4. elle


    seems that price is reacting to those lines, whether it 'll bounce or not I'm not sure !
  5. elle


    my lowest time frame chart is 4 hourly. If you are trading in anything less that, that you may need to do separate analysis
  6. elle


    updated 4 hour chart- price currently supported by 20 sma
  7. elle

    William Hill WMH

    Nice catch this morning. I missed it ! Good level to bounce from
  8. elle


    thank you
  9. I see the minimum has gone up, wish it would go back to 5p :smileyhappy:
  10. elle


    & here is a 4 hr chart with fibs. Price does seem a little extended atm, but that 161.8% ext looks possible (maybe after a small correction/consolidation)
  11. elle


    zooming in I highlight one particular candle which took out the post brexit resistance ( in my opinion). There was clearly significant buying to do that and this should be remembered going forward
  12. elle


    here it is on a daily chart. Those white rising trend lines have sort of been respected, so the upper one could be a possibility. I'm guessing this move is more to do with the USD weakness than GBP strength
  13. elle

    DAX (Germany 30)

    sellers have been in that pink zone before, their stops will be above that. There is German Econ & ECB out this week, so should be good trading in this
  14. elle


    With the ECB rate decision this week the EURUSD is at an important level. Momentum is up , but overhead resistance exists ( downward trend line and BB middle). So, difficult to trade into the decision
  15. elle

    Technical Analysis 101

    that was the Dow Jones Industrial Index on a 100 tick chart
  16. elle

    Technical Analysis 101

    here's something from Friday "Just as an example"
  17. if you look at my recent submissions, you'll see I use a combination of trend lines and Bollinger bands. I like to look for trend reversals crossing the Bollinger band middle
  18. BBs are 100/2.5 find a trend , see and draw the channel. Take a break of the channel/ middle BB
  19. haha, I said it was "Step 1 for clarity" . Each Journey starts with the first step. I am relatively new here, don't frighten me away