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  1. applying that to the $USD , with NFP today has that red supply zone now become demand?
  2. elle


    If I knew, I wouldn't have asked !!!!! Obviously a channel break - recent director sell, had quite a run etc - but that's quite a move
  3. elle


    thanks for the replies, you're very kind . I just thought that due to the size of the move, there was some news
  4. elle


    After a good run , the price fell back quite a bit today & I don't know why. Can anyone shed some light on this price drop. Many thanks
  5. "Wide range bars are almost like gaps & I look for gaps to be filled (eventually! )"
  6. as per earlier chart
  7. same theory as lower time framed charts
  8. How I see the market - eventually one side will give in
  9. The thing is , I don't know which way price will go, I have to make assumptions
  10. blue = support - blue zones are where buyers were before, so maybe they'll be there again ??? Wide range bars are almost like gaps & I look for gaps to be filled (eventually! ) Note how, currently price has bounced off of that blue line & is now back up testing the light blue zone but can't get through at the moment - these zones & line are getting reactions so I always note them on my charts for future reference
  11. Here's how a similar stock traded #CRST
  12. still more short term downside risk - levels to watch for
  13. want to see how price behaves down there - note the word "interested"
  14. BDEV big divi next week - note the blue line, I would be interested in buying there & holding for anticipated gains & divi
  15. Re ;ITV share price movement
  16. a closer look..........................
  17. lots of attempts to push up , the one that did was knocked back pretty sharpish