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  1. haha #FTSE 100 stocks are so boring, does anyone activity tweet about them?
  2. still a little more room to the upside, but long term resistance exists
  3. I am aware of some "trading sites" that monitor social media. Obviously "Stocktwits" has a "trending" list & "Trade Ideas" also has a stock screener for it- there must be more
  4. yes, I can see what you are getting at. My view is that this is a community for ideas, not for precise trade calls. Always "Do your own research"
  5. waiting to get the FED & NFP out of the way before deciding
  6. here's my chart of todays action, see how the BB can be used - combine it with your own indicators DYOR
  7. I noticed a lot of people confused by this recent pullback in this stock. It's coming down for it's third attempt at 100p support. People are thinking Apple's results tomorrow may save this one, we'll see. Technically this pull back looks correct and there is still an unfilled gap below
  8. Also, try sticking a 150 EMA on a 4 hour chart and see what it looks like
  9. Note how important that blue zone has been in the past. More recently it has acted as support, so unless there's a rapid push down through it (note there was a rapid push up through it in the past), I would expect it to hold. Clearly we have the Fed today and NFP on Friday so, anything could happen !
  10. weird how my text came out in that last post !!!:smileysurprised:
  11. I like trading for GAP fills - there's one in USDJPY still
  12. Chart suggests that buyers are facing a point where the sellers have been waiting
  13. long term view, the pink zone looks like it could easily be penetrated & the way things are going the fall to the blue zone in the longer term would seem possible
  14. hitting the "yellow line" ( see previous charts for reference) short taken