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  1. BBs are 100/2.5 find a trend , see and draw the channel. Take a break of the channel/ middle BB
  2. haha, I said it was "Step 1 for clarity" . Each Journey starts with the first step. I am relatively new here, don't frighten me away
  3. step one for clarity improvement :smileyhappy:
  4. elle


    Amazing move today - aiming for 110.85
  5. elle

    Using options on fx trading profit

    You're very kind, thank you
  6. elle

    Using options on fx trading profit

    would be great if IG could do a webinar explaining options , or have they done one already. I like the idea of using them
  7. elle


    is it really a minimum of 5p a point ?
  8. elle


    haha, only thing that makes a trade "safer" for me is when price goes in my direction !
  9. elle

    EUR/USD idea

    getting there , right?
  10. elle


    yes agree, those margin requirements are way too much