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  1. it's "Bullish" people are long Gold
  2. lots of talk & charts on twitter about this breakout
  3. some TA videos etc enjoy https://artoftrading.net/trading-education
  4. @TrendFollower "The destiny of every Trend Line is to be broken" - so, yes trends can change, but until then..........
  5. elle


    type in BA in the finder
  6. You may have noticed, a lot of my posts relate to technical analysis, with charts. May I suggest to IG, a new forum/ sub forum for this , as I see a few people setting up new topics, which get lost in the general thread after a short period of time. I keep missing them,! Maybe the forum could be called, "technical setups/analysis" ???
  7. saw this, make of it what you will .....................
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    Update & Stock getting an upg update chart. Stock getting an upgrade
  9. This weeks action feels like a short squeeze to me ( Lunar New Year week)
  10. If you've seen my thoughts about highs & lows made outside market hours, this could make you think.
  11. Maybe you've seen this or maybe not, watch it all or start 11:55 in ( P.S., IGNORE the ad at the start)