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  1. ok folks , lots of stuff here enjoy https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kFg84RzDgZ-lIW8vxrcWbAsujL005prs
  2. I don't hold index trades overnight at the moment, these markets are too wild at the moment. I wouldn't be able to sleep !!!!
  3. the 150 ema works well for me on most timeframes. Also I like to look at a lot of different things in different time frames
  4. 150 ema different time frames , same index
  5. Hi, @Nelsy-Boy, like I say, I prefer more than one confirmation. The trend line break is the "heads up" , with something this fast , I prefer some of the MAs to be on my side. If price crosses back over them , I know I'm wrong. The 150 EMA is my favourite, for me that usually confirms a change in trend
  6. thank you @TrendFollower, I did once try it, but have found few indicators work for me. Those that I use, I have adjusted the settings , as you may note from the non-standard MACD. I do tend mainly to rely on Levels, lines and moving averages
  7. there are different methods to identify a trend break. Personally I like several confirmations. Here's a recent one , using MACD divergence, Moving averages and of course a trend line. This can work in multiple timeframes
  8. sometime ago I posted a chart of the Dow Jones ( I have posted it again here) stating that the highs & lows were made outside normal US trading hours. I always feel that the Americans will ultimately try & put in the highs & lows in "their" time & eventually they did. The reason I bring this up, is the recent low was again made outside US trading hours ( yellow box ) & therefore I believe it will ultimately have to be tested. This doesn't mean anytime soon, the current market seems to be bouncing up. Also I look for gaps to be filled & for the bears amongst us, I think there's still one way down. Also I noted a great comment on twitter " If this was the most hated Bull Market in history, this must be the most loved pullback ever! "
  9. Many thanks - once again " I will try and do better" with comments ,have a lovely weekend
  10. "Haha" means the target I suggested has been hit. I note that when I posted the idea, you did not comment on it., nor have since. I also noted that as your trade continued , you let us know how many pips you were making, you were effectively " counting your money whilst still at the table"
  11. shorts will want that red zone to hold. I think it will be breached , target at least the 50%
  12. It all happened so quick !
  13. elle

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    Levels & lines - how I see them
  14. only a few more hours, but so far .....
  15. FTSE has liked that level a lot in the past - spooky
  16. elle

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    there @TrendFollower I put the fib on
  17. elle

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    there was another retest