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    here is a chart from before , showing the origin of that zone & it's significance
  2. elle


    review ..... price moved above the green zones & took out the stops
  3. @TrendFollower from what I can see , price has reacted to that level ( there has been a period of consolidation ), it's now just a question of what happens next. I assume you took my earlier suggestion to mean that price would now fall back.
  4. elle

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    @Caseynotes I do like to look at 0 -50-100 % levels , they work so well on a lot of things. The 50% level can sometimes be identified as a "swap zone" where buyers & sellers battle for control ( can be seen by when price moves strongly in one direction , stops and reverses a bit before resuming the original trend) . Here's a BIG picture of crude oil showing some historic price zones
  5. Thought this recent video was good enough to post here
  6. elle

    Crude Oil (WTI)

    yep @Caseynotes something similar here
  7. https://www.sharescope.co.uk/sharepad.jsp https://www.stockopedia.com/ seen a lot of people on twitter using those
  8. might assist people , if you were a little more specific with your question, e.g., any country or country specific
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    price now getting friendly with that green zone
  10. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/Exclusive-Apple-cuts-iPhone-production-plan-by-10
  11. Thank you for the question. Just to let people know, I am not in this community to get or be "personal", hence I will not comment on my actual trades ( if people don't like it, fair enough) . I simply aim to post ideas or answer questions (if I can) & most importantly learn from others/ get information about IG. As far as Gold is concerned, I believe I have posted a chart showing where I think potential support & resistance areas may be (Silver I have never looked at).
  12. Fed spike retrace. that supply got absorbed, then that fed chairmen thing last Friday did the rest
  13. My 5 min chart . Gap to be filled , maybe? $150 is a big level to take out
  14. There's been attempts to move higher ( into & above that green zone) , so maybe a lot of the supply has been eaten up & this one could now move higher& take out some stops
  15. now looking like it wants to return to the "Fed Spike"
  16. elle


    seems to be headed in the right direction
  17. just click - I'm sure someone else has a video tutorial though