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  1. you can try Pro Realtime for free (end of day service only) to see what it's like https://www.prorealtime.com/en/ - note the "free access" tab in the menu bar
  2. potential 100% fib target,
  3. elle

    Intu property

    100p is always a "tough level to crack" , but I guess the way retail is in the UK at the moment, this one doesn't look great at the moment. Trend is your friend & this one is definitely down !
  4. That level (yellow circled) has "previous". Price often reacts to levels it's reacted to before
  5. One big difference with trading in the USA is the use of options, which I guess make share trading more accessible I have seen, through watching webinars, how widely these are used
  6. & Now ......................
  7. Sorry, I have never traded Natural Gas. Maybe one thing to consider is the different monthly contracts & the consequent rollovers
  8. @Nelsy-Boy many pairs /crosses spiked on the Apple news
  9. Dow Jones index (since it's the IG "Trade of the Week" )
  10. In view of the previous comments, I would like to say the following :- I have taken time to study different assets and the way they move and have found that " one size does not fit all" . An FX pair will move differently to say an individual stock in any given timeframe. Also different types of Technical Analysis work differently in different types of markets. For instance , I have found that Moving averages work better in trending markets ( using them as support or resistance say ( Facebook one minute chart is shown as an example)) whereas they are not so good in tight range bound markets. Conversely oscillators that range between zero and 100 can be useless in trending markets ( they can stay "overbought" or "oversold" for long periods of time), although, they are good for spotting divergence.e It is essential, in my opinion ( and that is all it is) to be flexible. I do not hop from one set of Technical Analysis to another for the sake of it, but adapt to the market conditions and asset I am trading. One person once said , a doctor or someone similar spends years studying to get where he/she is & now earns good money doing their job, if you think you can earn good money trading without putting in years of studying, you're wrong.
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    Gap filled & more !!!
  12. @Nelsy-Boy the others will have to remain a secret, sorry
  13. " I like to target gaps "
  14. ticks are what they are, not a timeframe, you can see the x axis varies in time - good luck