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  1. Traders, Is it possible to create a profit and loss statements from 1st trade up until today. Inclusive of all charges? Jeremy
  2. Is a Knock-Out Option the same as setting a Stop Loss and Take Profit in FX trading? ?????????????? :)
  3. Hi All, Looking forward to Feds Rate Announcement tonight????????? Is it possible to change colour of the Price Line? Regards CFDFutures
  4. Opened first trade 5 minutes ago and after making the trade there was a shaded area below the entry price line. Does is shaded area represent the spread?
  5. Hi Peoples, New to I.G and looking forward to a bright happy future. Would like to know if possible to display different products on the Multi Chart screens. At present only able to display different time frames for one product. ie. 4 charts (four different time frames eur/usd). Potential........4 Charts (four different products eur/usd, gbp/usd, aud/usd, jpy/usd)???????????? Thank you.............