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  1. Please see the Topic link below. I know there are loads more folk affected by this anomaly. Erroneous Daily Charges ongoing on Demo Account Please consider this suggestion for improvement ... Reset to Default button on Demo Account Funds. You'd need a warning pop up to say something like ... "All Trades & Orders must be closed before Reset". Thank You in Anticipation
  2. As this will be affecting lost of users, a good idea - to save IG time - would be to have a RESET button on the Demo accounts. Then we could reset our own Demo Accounts back to default settings. I use the increasing (or decreasing! ) Funds figure on my IG Account as an easy / quick way to gauge if I am making money. My ongoing incorrect charges are wrecking this useful method!
  3. Oh I forgot to say ... I have no open positions / trade at all since 30 April 19 so the charges are a mystery ... good job it is my Demo Account! But worrying and I need to know why nonetheless?? Thank You
  4. I have not traded on my Account since 30 April 19 and yet I am being charged > £55 Interest each night ... why is this please? See attached.
  5. Anybody cast any intelligence on what the attached Reject message means? I have had it loads and loads over the years, but never really understood what it means. Is it referring to another Order on another System or is my System that got rejected trying to execute 2 Orders at the same time!!??
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