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  1. Partial closure of a position or scaling out of a position is a standard trading method but when using PRT with IG it is only possible when back testing strategies. It is not possible to put a strategy live either in demo or in real trading - which seems incredible. I have created many strategies that benefit from partial position closure but I can only trade them manually which is not very practical. I can't see any logical reason why we can back test with partial position closure but cannot run anything live with it. As a moderator for ProRealCode forums I notice that newbies are often astounded that partial position closure is not possible with IG when using PRT and I guess many will just go elsewhere to find a platform where it is possible to do what they want. Does IG have any plans to remove this massive auto trading limitation?
  2. Working hard looking for a new boss for IG? I'm not surprised that he jumped ship. It is now 56 days and there is still no fix for this major bug. IG told PRT it was fixed on the 26th September and all I needed to do was stop and restart my strategies. I did - twice - it still does not work, it is now 4th October and the fault started on 9th August! It is great to hear that it works on live accounts but a working demo platform is needed for forward testing of auto-strategies before putting them live. How IG expect confidence in their live trading when demo and the customer service that goes with is so appalling is beyond me. Those of us who want to auto-trade go through a basic set of development stages: 1. Write a strategy. 2. Back test it. 3. Forward test it on out of sample data using live spreads and fees. 4. Put it live if it works as expected - bin it if it doesn't. Without being able to do stage 3 then we can never reach stage 4 and this is costing IG income.