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  1. Hi Dereck, We are a CFD and Spread Betting broker, you might have gotten confused by the IG initials. Regards, Daniela
  2. Hi Steve, Yes, the profit/loss you see on the trade when it is open includes the spread that IG charges, so if you were to close the position that is the profit/loss you will receive. This applies for all products on spreadbetting, and CFDs on everything but shares. With CFD on shares, you the profit/loss that is shown on the live position is the difference between the buy and the sell price, IG's commission will be charged separately. When you have no open positions, your equity is essentially your funds, as there is no running profit/loss to add/substract to it. There is an overnig
  3. Hi @hart, as @Caseynotes mentioned, this functionality has only been added to the new web platform so you would need to switch in order to view it.
  4. Turning on FX swap bid/offer When trading currency pairs, if a position is held through 10pm GMT, it will incur an overnight funding charge. This charge is based on the interest rate differential between the two currencies in the pair, where you receive interest in the currency you buy and pay interest on the currency you sell. Swap rates also apply to cryptocurrencies and spot gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Based on client feedback we have now added these overnight funding charges to the platform. Please keep in mind that they are indicative figures. These swap rates are viewe
  5. Hi @Ara, Total book value cost has to be added manually by adding stamp duty and commissions to the cost of buying the shares. We do not offer an automatic book value cost calculator, as this will also depend on the cost associated with closing the position. Regards, Daniela
  6. Theresa May´s cabinet is set to meet today in order to try and find a solution to the Irish border crisis, the main headache for Brexit talks in the last few months. As a result of the uncertainty regarding a Brexit deal, the GBP weakened against its major pairs, falling by almost 1% against the US dollar and 0.2%against the Euro. The Dow Jones lost 2.32% on Monday falling by 602 points to close at 25,387.18, after Apple suffer another hit and worries over global trade continue. The Nasdaq re-enters correction territory as it lost 2.8% to close at 7,200.87. Goldman Sach
  7. Hi Shamir, Just to clarify: -Short interest: overnight funding cost for holding the position after 10pm UK time - Stock borrowing: commission for "borrowing" the share in order to go short (will only apply to share positions on leveraged accounts) Both charges will charge a 3 day commission on Friday in order to cover the weekend. Hope this clears it up a bit more. If you have any more queries don't hesitate to ask! Regards, Daniela
  8. Hi @1kp1, I have replicated the scenario on both my spread betting and CFD accounts both on Chrome and Internet Explorer and have not encountered the same problem. We have data going back to 2001 for Natural Gas so I doubt it is due to a lack of data points. Maybe this is an issue that has been resolved since you posted it on Tuesday. Could you please check for me and let me know by tagging me using the @ symbol (or give us a call so we can help you in real time). Regards, Daniela
  9. Hi Shamir, So as you mentioned, on cash positions you will be charged an overnight funding charge for every day you hold the position through 10 pm UK time. On top of that, when you enter into a short position on shares, there is a borrowing cost. this is because when you enter into a short position on shares, you are essentially borrowing the stock as you do not physically own it, therefore you will need to fund the ability to borrow the shares to be able to open a short position. This rate is based on a borrow premium that we receive from our brokers which we then add an IG fee of 0.5%.
  10. The US Dollar is holding within tight margins as investors are showing discretion ahead of the US Midterm elections that take place today. The Dow closed up 190.87 points at 25,461.7 and the S&P rose 15.2 points closing at 2738.31 led by the financial and energy sectors. The Nasdaq fell 0.38% lower at 7328.85 as Apple and Amazon both fell more than 2% Apple has had its second downgrade since its earning report last week, as Rosenblatt Securities followed Bank of America Meryll Lynch in downgrading Apple from buy to neutral. After this second downgrade, the stock fell 2.8%
  11. The European Central Bank is announcing its monetary policy today, with expectations that Mario Draghi will confirm that the ECB stands by its plan to end its quantitative easing program by the end of the year. The euro plunges on Wednesday as concerns over the Eurozone growth continue. Italian government bonds remain at year-highs as the EU has rejected the country's deficit plan. Yields are expected to remain high over the next few weeks as the Italian government says that the budget plan is designed for Italy and not Brussels, suggesting future disagreements between the two.
  12. The music entertainment arm of Tencent, which has 800 million users across a variety of platforms in China, had originally planned to go public in the United States imminently. The IPO was initially set to launch as soon as this week but has now reportedly been delayed because of the recent global sell-off. It is not the first company to pull out or postpone an IPO in the recent weeks, and whilst Tencent have declined to comment on the decision, it’s likely to be on the back of volatility seen in the equity markets. Companies prefer stable market conditions to launch their IPOs because th
  13. The Dow Jones continues its tumble, losing more than 1,300 in two days, as worries over interest rates and trade barriers continue. The S&P dropped 2%, bringing its October losses to 6% The sell off in the US also saw sell offs in Europe, with FTSE down 1.9%, DAX 1.3%, CAC 1.8% and EU STOXX 1.95%. The VIX rose almost 9%, reaching it’s highest levels since February this year Despite rising interest rates and a booming economy, bank stocks are trading lower, reaching bear market, ahead of earnings reports. XRP and Etherum lead the cryptocurrency downfall which
  14. Regarding your question @PandaFace, we do not currently offer bond yield to trade on IG. We offer a selection of bonds, one of them being the Italian BTP. During the last 20 days we have seen a 7.31% movement in the market of the BTP offering a good level of movement for trading. I will attach below a document that shows the product details just in case you are interested in trading the Italian BTP. https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/what-are-ig-s-bonds-spread-bet-product-details
  15. Following a few questions from clients regarding the surge in Italian bond yields in the last week, I have put together a quick overview of why this has taken place. Bond yields are the return an investor is going to earn for investing its money in government bonds. The better the outlook of a country’s economy, the safer the investment will be and the lower the requested return from investors, hence a lower yield. Therefore, bond yields are inversely related to their price and the perception of strength within a country’s economy. The issue with Italy is the fact that the Italian po
  16. Aston Martin looks set to miss out on a spot in the FTSE 100 after the luxury carmaker cut the maximum valuation it is seeking in its initial public offering today, bloomberg reporting IPO price at £19. Telecoms and industrials pushed the Japanese Topix, so watch their partners on the European open, whilst miners faired well in Australia. The miner heavy JSE is likely to follow suit this morning. The Dow Jones hit a record closing high, but a drop in Facebook shares weighed on both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq. FANG stocks, kept the Nasdaq in check. Facebook closed down 1.91 percent.
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