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  1. DanielaIG's post in Multiple trade on a single share - Daily restrictions? was marked as the answer   
    Hi @LDH, there are no account restrictions on the amount of shares you can buy as long as you have enough funds and there is enough liquidity in the market to match your orders. 
  2. DanielaIG's post in Nasdaq how can I trade this ? was marked as the answer   
    Hi Brett,
    We do have Nasdaq available on our trading platform, you can find it under the code 'US Tech 100'.
  3. DanielaIG's post in stock borrowing costs on short spread bet position was marked as the answer   
    Hi Shamir,
    So as you mentioned, on cash positions you will be charged an overnight funding charge for every day you hold the position through 10 pm UK time. On top of that, when you enter into a short position on shares, there is a borrowing cost. this is because when you enter into a short position on shares, you are essentially borrowing the stock as you do not physically own it, therefore you will need to fund the ability to borrow the shares to be able to open a short position. This rate is based on a borrow premium that we receive from our brokers which we then add an IG fee of 0.5%.
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