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  1. Hedging activities in JPY are building up as the Golden week in Japan approaches. Japanese markets will be shut for 10 days from Friday’s close in occasion of the accession of the new emperor to the throne. The situation could prove risky as this was the sort of environment where we saw flash crashes in the JPY against USD and AUD back in January. The S&P benchmark was up 0.9% on the day, following strong earnings releases on Tuesday. The performance could be moderate for the rest of the week as investors await the USD Gross Domestic Product due on Friday. Lacking strong corpor
  2. South Africa’s Platinum Group Metal (PGM) is bracing for industry-wide tough salary negotiations as it urges the government to invest in platinum markets. Chris Griffith, Chief of Anglo American Platinum Ltd, the world No.1 miner, reassured investors that workers are likely to avoid prolonged strikes. Meanwhile, the rand basket price for platinum and its sister metals rose 20% to 25 % this year already. Slowing global growth could pressure the metal, which hit $891 at 6:00am GMT+1 on the IG Web Trading Platform Gold prices edged lower after being up the most in more than one week on Tues
  3. Bitcoin’s chart is finally generating some interest in technical traders as prices are slightly down from Wednesday’s record highs. April last year saw a “short squeeze” that had the price of Bitcoin jump from $6,700 to $8,000 in a single move. Other cryptocurrencies are following the trend as investors look for the drivers in the volatility surge. Gold prices edged higher after steadying on Wednesday. The yellow-metal keeps rotating around the mean as the effect of the rally in global stocks balances out the recent dip of the dollar. Spot contracts hit $1292.46 at 6:00am GMT on the IG W
  4. Gold prices edged higher after falling on Wednesday. Globally declining treasury yields could increase demand for the yellow-metal if a stock rout were to take place. Spot contracts hit $1311.54 at 6:00am GMT on the IG Web Trading Platform. Palladium slumped 6% on Wednesday on concerns of slowing demand from the automotive and electronic appliances sectors. Slowing global growth could drown the metal, which hit a record $1620.52 last week. Oil slumped on Wednesday on reports that US inventories rose by 2.8 million barrels last week, exceeding expectations. Brent Crude May futures
  5. Gold prices edged lower as the yellow metal’s rally might be over. Spot contracts hit $1306 at 6:00am GMT on the IG Web Trading Platform. The safe-haven appeal of the gold bullion seems to fade as investors get more bullish on a possibly incumbent US-China trade deal. However, according to Goldman Sachs the combination of a pause in interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve and more robust growth in emerging markets could weaken the US dollar and support the gold price. As palladium hit an alltime high yesterday we have seen fellow platinum group metal (PGM) platinum starting to rise as
  6. The pound ticked higher after dropping on Tuesday after Theresa May’s amended Brexit deal rejection. Today’s vote in the UK parliament whether to leave the EU without a deal is unlikely to provide excessive pressure on the sterling in case the proposal is rejected, however downside risk exists. Cable was almost flat as of 7:30am GMT trading at 1.31069. The US dollar floated and yields fell on Tuesday after softer inflation data increased the possibility of more dovish policies from the Federal Reserve. The Australian dollar lost 0.4% on the back of weaker consumer confidence. The Aussie
  7. Trading in Asia was mixed as investors wait for more clarity on the US-China trade deal. The top performer was Shanghai Composite which was up 0.7% while Japan’s Topix was down 0.2%. Gold prices edged lower as the greenback gained from stronger than expected economic data. Spot contracts hit $1287.34 at 5:00 am GMT, having been almost flat on the day, as can be seen on the IG Web Platform. What is the short- and mid-term fate of the gold bullion, as investors seem to be rushing to equities while the global economy slows down? Oil slipped after a report by the American Petroleum In
  8. Banco Santander SA skipped an option to call 1.5 billion euros of convertible notes next month, after leaving investors in the dark for weeks. The news had the bonds trade at 97 cents on the euro, after being almost at par last week. A portfolio manager at Financiere de La Cite SAS commented that credit buyers “will need some serious new issue premium to touch that name again”. Trading in Asia was optimistic on hopes of a trade war resolution as Trump commented during a cabinet meeting on Tuesday that he is open to extend the March 1st deadline to raise tariffs on China. The top performe
  9. Asian equities are modestly up as investors price in strong US job report and president Trump’s optimism on trade talks. The top performer was Japan’s Topix index which was up 1% at 3:32 GMT, following a weaker Yen. Major markets across Asia will close for part or all of the week as the region heads into Lunar New Year holidays. India NSE Nifty 50 is down 0.5% as of 5:15 GMT as investors evaluate the populist push in the government’s last federal budget. India is set to cut taxes to middle-class citizens and distribute cash to farmers in an attempt to restore confidence in the middle-cla
  10. After twenty years as a prominent business leader in the global auto industry, Carlos Ghosn resigned the top job at Renault late on Wednesday. He will be replaced as Chairmen by Michelin chief Jean-Dominique Senard and as CEO by Thierry Bollore. The news could shake the unstable Renault stock, as markets would balance their trust on the restored leadership with the implied uncertainty. It was an exciting trading session in Singapore as Jardine Matheson Holdings Ltd plunged about 83% in pre-market trading. The stock recovered quickly most of its losses and the swing was blamed on a fat-fi
  11. Crude oil bounced higher overnight after a free-fall since Friday. WTI floated past $51.50 a barrel, after gaining 1.29%, as the markets struggle to balance out the OPEC production cuts with concerns over global growth and increased US production. Gold prices held steady as investors balance out the strong trading session in Asia with expectations of fewer interest rate hikes by the US Fed. The yellow metal lost about 0.2%, trading at $1,291.33 at 6am GMT. Asian equities gained as markets recovered after poor economic data in Europe and China. The rebound was helped by Chinese off
  12. Trading in Asia was mixed as investors try to balance macro risks with optimism towards trade talks. The top performers were Japan’s Topix and Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 both rose about 0.5%, while the Shanghai Composite Index lost 0.3%. Gold prices edged lower as the greenback’s descendant spiral seem to have stopped and amidst the possibility of a pause in further rate hikes. The February contracts hit $1291.4 around 1:10am GMT before dropping consistently during the following hours, as can be seen on the IG Web Platform. Oil crude rose for the seventh consecutive trading day as
  13. Bitcoin could have bottomed as its priced stabilized after the big disappointment it gave earlier this year. As the cryptocurrency has corrected 80-90% multiple times in the past, the slump this year could only be another bump in the road. However, scalability issues flog the currency as its promoters try to entail it in the real economy. Is the crypto market ready for another roller-coaster? Oil temporarily bottomed after falling 7%, amidst concerns over the strength of global trade. West Texas Intermediate fluctuated around $46.28 a barrel, after gaining 0.1%. Investors keep an eye out
  14. Trading in Asia was mixed as US shares stabilized overnight. In the meanwhile, the ongoing discussions between China and the US adds uncertainty. The bottom performer among major Asian indices was the Nikkei, which fell 0.45%. Oil climbed higher amidst resuming hopes following the 1.2 million barrels per day production cut agreed by OPEC+. However, concerns that the US could much further increase its shale production and the slowing global economy could make the output cut less effective. Gold ticked higher in Asian trading as its biggest nemesis – the US dollar – lost ground. Disa
  15. Asian equities gained as investors weighed in comments from Federal Reserve officials and a possible breakthrough in US-China trade war. Shares in Hong Kong and China led the gains with the Hang Seng Index climbing 0.5% and the Shanghai Composite gaining 0.7%. Oil crude was up with WTI gaining 0.9% to $52.02 a barrel after a US industry report signaled shrinking gasoline surplus. Concerns of sanctions to Russia following its sea clash with Ukraine and Saudi’s vow to cut production in December are also pressuring upwards historically low oil prices. Gold fell the most in two weeks
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