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  1. Hi folks, Want to buy VIOT (ADR) via NYSE. I can't in my ISA account (reasons as per last thread (Nov 18)): can I buy them through a standard share dealing account with IG?
  2. Hi again folks, Same dividend. Got paid less withholding tax, then a few days later the dividend was taken off me and a much reduced rate returned. No explanation. The amount of money is small (something ike £79.35 removed, £60.05 returned), but that is a signficant percentage and if it's always going to happen it will change this part of my strategy. Any advice/explanation gratefully received.
  3. Thanks for the info folks, now I know for sure what's occuring I can factor it in for future behaviour! Re the form, that would be my W-8BEN? Filled in when I joined.
  4. Hi folks. Newbie question. I have some shares in Icahn Enterprise LLC (NASDAQ:IEP). Was expecting a $1.75 quarterly dividend and was paid 18th September. However, I received £1.1025 per share, which at the quoted exchange rate worked out to approx $1.445. The dividend was paid at the expected rate ($1.75) according to Icahn etc. so where did the remaining 30 cents go? Is it all exchange commission, or are there other deductions too? Just after info so I know what to expect in future. Many thanks!
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