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  1. for me the exel they provide is making non sense, i have like 4000 trades and , well ya , ( pro real time, the app does only show trades that i have done with it, it was clear and simple win loss there, ) so the exel thing is little of the limits,
  2. nobody knows how to print total gains and loss paper from here ?
  3. hey, i need one calculation / statement that i can see how much i have gaind money and lost money from all actions i have made. calculating all the papers would be very time consuming.... is it phossible to see other than the prorealtime, since even that is now not working, maybe cause i lost all :D
  4. i got this error when i try to lounch the new platform with my real money account, but fake money works ....
  5. Okey, was not open yet , just did try, yes i have the normal CFD account, do i need to make the metatrader account ? So broblemos still here.
  6. Ya, so it says rong password or account name.... my account name should be same here as it is when i log in IG here to log in right ?
  7. Oh, i do ? Did not open the platform L2, I can use the Pro trader, but not the L2, maybe they have the same log in signature ?
  8. Hey, i have unlimited account, what is prequesite for this application, but still im not able to log in there with my IG Account Name and password, also did not work with my "wallet" name... So witch Credintials will work, or where i can have it so that i can log in there. -Love Moles
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