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  1. Hi @Patelmo786, we have a new pension partner confirmed and we are now waiting for the back-end IT work to be completed so that we can start onboarding new SIPP clients. We don't have a set ETA at the moment but I would estimate it to be within two months, although it could be longer.
  2. Hello, I work in the IG Investments team and I'm glad to hear your pleased with your IG Smart Portfolio performance. We've also been extremely happy with how they've performed - our multi-asset portfolios have beaten their benchmarks by +7.1% over the last 12 months! IG Smart Portfolio SIPPs work in the same was as your GIA and ISA accounts, the only difference you should be aware of is that James Hay, who administer IG SIPPs, charge a yearly admin fee of £205. For your question on changing risk profile, there is no limit on how many times you adjust your risk profile. Also,
  3. Unfortunately, we are experiencing login issues at the moment. You can keep up to date via our status page here: https://status.ig.com/
  4. It started off with a vision to revolutionise British banking, intent on disrupting the stagnant high street banking industry by enhancing service levels and investing in state-of-the-art IT software. But now Metro Bank (MTRO) is in turmoil. Not only have five of the challenger bank’s founding directors left within the last year but the firm also pulled a £250 million bond sale citing ‘poor market conditions’, despite offering a yield of 7.5%. As a result, Metro Bank’s share price has tumbled -90% since floating at 2000 pence per share in 2016. The table below shows that Metro Bank’s
  5. GAW announced record breaking half-year results this morning, here is a few key points: Big jump in profits to £58.6m up from £40.8m Revenue £145.6m, £125.2m previously Royalties receivable up to £10.7m for the half year, a 94.5% increase from the same period last year. Share price up around 7% since open (at the time of posting).
  6. They do make a fair chunk of their operating profit through royalties, but the majority still comes from online/trade sales. Although, royalties is definitely a segment that is growing for them (something they are proud of). It accounted for £6.9m of operating profit in 2017, up to £10.4m now.
  7. Games Workshop Group (GAW) has experienced incredible growth over the last few years. The share price for the wargame manufacturer rose by 101.5% in 2019. Games Workshop is a constituent of the FTSE 250, where it ranked fifth highest in terms of contribution to the index’s total return in 2019. You’d be wrong to think this was a one-off. In 2018 the company came in at eighth and was the second highest performer in the FTSE All-Share Index in 2017, generating a total return of 267.17%, beaten only by KAZ Minerals (KAZ). To illustrate the company’s extraordinary growth, look no further
  8. Research finds that one of the main reasons everyday savers choose not to invest is because they believe wealth management is simply too expensive. We found that the total cost for a ready-made portfolio across other online wealth managers is around 1.1%1, with some charging over 1.8%2. High fees like these eat into your portfolio returns. In 2017, IG partnered with BlackRock to offer savers access to a low-cost wealth management service called IG Smart Portfolios. We recently reduced our management fee for IG Smart Portfolios, to help grow your investments faster. As the table below show
  9. Do you have an interest in building long-term wealth through investing? Have you always wanted the chance to ask an expert a specific question about portfolio management, or find out more about IG's and BlackRock's trading strategy for our Smart Portfolios? We are giving you the opportunity to ask your questions directly to our Portfolio Managers here at IG. You can be part of a new article series here at IG called 'Ask the Portfolio Manager' by simply commenting your question below. What is this article all about? We are creating a new article series where the content is driven
  10. Oil prices have surged as Trump aims to cut Iran's oil exports after the White House announced that waivers from countries buying oil from Iran would end in May, a decision made to slash revenue for the Iranian government. Brent crude futures are trading at $74.29 a barrel, up 0.3%, whilst WTI crude reached its highest level since October last year currently trading at $65.95 per barrel. Shares in the US were muted on Monday as the market braces for a busy week of corporate earnings, more than 140 S&P companies are expected to release earnings this week including; Twitter, Tesla, Coc
  11. The Dow was up 0.11% as positive news from Boeing boosted the index, the Federal Aviation Administration said that the software update to the 737 Max aircraft is "operationally suitable". The S&P increased marginally by 0.05% whilst the Nasdaq gained 0.3%. Netflix shares have dropped 1% after its earnings report yesterday, after announcing a weaker than expected guidance for Q2 as well as its CMO, Kelly Bennett, announcing her retirement this year. Although, Q1 earnings per share were 76 cents beating analysts expectations of 57 cents and revenue came in at $4.52 billion. China
  12. Uber has officially filed paperwork for the company's imminent IPO after observing rival Lyft's share price surge on opening only to fall below its IPO price later on. The ride-hailing company will be listed under the ticker "UBER" on the New York Stock Exchange. You can see how you can trade Uber's upcoming IPO on the IG website here. It was a muted day for US equities on Thursday as the major indices remained little changed ahead of JP Morgan and Wells Fargo earnings announcements later today. The S&P saw a slight decrease yesterday closing 2.62 points lower followed by the Dow whi
  13. The Office of the United States Trade Representative has posted a list of goods that the US is considering to impose tariffs on from the EU, which includes aircraft, motorbikes, cheese and wine. The tariffs on some $11bn products from the EU is in response to the subsidies the bloc gives to Boeing's rival Airbus, which has caused "adverse effects to the Unites States". US equities had a mixed session on Monday coming of the back of a strong growth last week. Both the S&P and Nasdaq edged marginally higher, increasing by 0.1% and 0.2% respectively. However, the Dow dropped 0.26% led b
  14. Lyft, the most recent high profile IPO, shares have seen huge trading activity over the first two days of trading as over 41.5 million shares were traded, well over the 32.5 million offered in the IPO. However, the ride-hailing company saw it's shares slump 12% on its second day of trading down to $69.01, below the official IPO price of $72. The downturn comes after the stock rallied to a high of $88.60 on Friday. US equities surged on Monday due to strong manufacturing data as factory activity rose and construction spending hit 9-month high. The Dow was up 330 points, closing above 26,
  15. Shares in Asia fell more than 2% amid growing fears that a recession is on the horizon, Japan's Topix was impacted the most as the index dropped 2.5% at the close. The Hang Seng, ASX 200 and the Shanghai Composite followed and all fell by at least 1%. Numerous reports over the weekend suggested that senior ministers were plotting to oust Theresa May as doing so could enhance support of her Brexit deal, although this has been denied. Mrs May is set to meet cabinet ministers today to update them on her strategy for Brexit. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has concluded that Donald Trum
  16. The EU has indicated that Theresa May needs to get backing from parliament on her Brexit deal before they agree to delay the UK's withdrawal from the EU. The Prime Minister is heading to Brussels today for the European Council meeting to try to force an extension in order to avoid a no-deal scenario. US bank stocks traded lower yesterday after the Fed's announcement that there will be no rate hikes in 2019, Goldman was down 3.4% whilst BoA, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley all fell by 2% or more. In turn, both Dow and S&P traded lower whilst the Nasdaq edged 0.1% highe
  17. Theresa May has announced that she has secured "legally binding changes" to the withdrawal agreement ahead of the pivotal vote on her deal in the House of Commons this evening. Specifically, the changes mean that the Irish backstop would not "become permanent". The pound soared after the news broke rising to a high of $1.3290 before falling back down to its current level of $1.3208, still up over 2% from Monday's low. Boeing shares have fallen over 5% after the fatal plane crash in Ethiopia, which killed all 157 people on board. Multiple airlines have grounded Boeing's 737 MAX 8 ai
  18. Reports over the weekend have indicated that the US and China are in the later stages of trade talk discussions in a deal which could see tariffs and sanctions lifted on both sides. Donald Trump tweeted over the weekend asking China to remove all tariffs on agricultural products and that trade talks are "moving along nicely". Asian equity markets reacted positively to the trade talk progress; the Nikkei rose 1%, whilst the Shanghai Composite increased by 2.5% and the Hang Seng jumped 1.2%. Theresa May has announced a £1.6bn fund for pro-Brexit constituencies which would be used to
  19. Marks & Spencer and Ocado have officially confirmed a deal whereby M&S will buy a 50% share of Ocado's retail business in a £750m home delivery deal, a huge transformational step for the iconic retailer. M&S will finance the deal by offering a £600m rights issue to shareholders and cutting dividend payouts by 40%. President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un are set to meet today in an attempt to end North Korea's nuclear program in exchange for a relief in sanctions by the US. Ahead of the Trump-Kim meeting stocks in Asia generally increased, the Hang Seng rose
  20. Despite announcing a loss of 4 cents per share Snap shares soared in after-hours trading as the social media giant beat analysts expectations, the general consensus was that the company would report a net loss of 8 cents per share in Q4. Disney also beat expectations aided by the launch of its streaming service ESPN+ and sales increases in its theme park businesses, earning per share came in at $1.84 vs $1.55 expected. The Dow rose by 172 points, followed by a 0.47% increase in the S&P fueled by gains in the communication services and technology sector. The Nasdaq also saw a g
  21. Coffee giant Starbucks announced that same-stores sales grew by 4% in its home US market, with overall revenue also beating expectations. Speaking about the results, CEO Kevin Johnson said that "Our streamline efforts over the past six quarters are paying off by allowing us to bring more focus and discipline to our three strategic priorities". Talks are continuing in the US as the Senate tries to reach an agreement to end the government shutdown, which is now in its 34th day. The White house is pushing for "large down payments" for Trump's wall, however the Senate has already rejected tw
  22. Theresa May's government holds onto power, winning a no-confidence vote in parliament last night by 325 votes to 306. The Prime Minister has now set out to reach a cross-party solution for Brexit, although this will be extremely difficult as the PM was snubbed by the leader of the opposition last night saying that she is in charge of a "zombie government". Sterling remained steady as the currency traded around the 1.2875 mark against the dollar after, as expected, Mrs May's government won the vote of no-confidence. US equities closed higher on Wednesday after strong quarterly earni
  23. The US government remains in shutdown as Donald Trump addressed the nation yesterday on border security in an attempt to gain support and funding for his wall, claiming that there is a "Humanitarian and National Security crisis" in the US. A positive session for US equities yesterday amid US-China trade discussions optimism, the S&P increased by 0.97% whilst the Nasdaq rose 1.1%. The Dow climbed 250 points, as it registers its first three day positive streak since November last year. Asian shares also rallied due to the trade talks progress, the Shanghai Composite and Japan's
  24. Asian equities began the new year in the red as Chinese manufacturing had a worse December than expectations, PMI dropped to 49.7 from 50.2 in November. Hong Kong's Hang Seng fell by 2.4% and the Shanghai Composite declined by 1.2%, while the ASX 200 dropped by 1.6%. S&P futures mirrored the performance of Asian stocks and fell 0.9%, erasing earlier gains after Donald Trump indicated he may be willing to strike a deal to end the government shutdown in the US. Indian stocks also dropped as fiscal deficit concerns grow due to lower tax collection and a potential farm relief packa
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