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  1. At least this offsets the loss we had from going long EUR/GBP.
  2. Wall Street did indeed break our level. We were just too hasty to put a trade on (by going long not only once but twice). If you zoom out on the hourly chart you see it is in a downtrend, no need for a MA. We went long because we thought we saw a support area being respected, but forgot that you need confirmation of a new high (and especially so when price has been moving down sharply). Also the daily candles were not strong.
  3. Our second short on the Dax is working out 😘 RSI is not 'oversold yet', let it keep running!
  4. If ye have faith but the size of a grain of mustard seed, verily verily I say unto you, it shall grow to be the tallest of the trees, and all the birds shall seek out its branches for to sit. 😘
  5. Maybe that was not the right time, Erykah Badu?
  6. Get ready for the bubbalicious, Manuela 😘
  7. Gird up thy loins and get ready to partake ... 😘
  8. Gold is looking spry sweetheart, get long 😘
  9. There's a good girl 😘
  10. Wait for it, Kathleen, wait for it. Lie in wait like a young lion, and pounce at the right moment 👺
  11. Wait for the turn, canny loon, wait for the turn 🤓
  12. I hope it doesn't end up doing a huge poo, Geoffrey
  13. Yes, it was ill-advised of us to go long on Wall Street. Should have stuck to the initial impressions from the daily chart. 🤓
  14. dmedin


    It's got further to fall, toots
  15. It looks like the Germany trade will be profitable, but there's more downside to come.
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