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  1. Are you confused with all those lines and indicators on the chart, giving contradictory signals? I sure am 😘
  2. Well, honey bunny? Maybe the 20 MA is support after all 😘
  3. There's Germany still bouncing about like a pair of lovely-jubblies
  4. Wall Street holding up still ðŸĪ”
  5. I'd given up on Dax but here it comes!
  6. Try a short FTSE if it breaks 5785.
  7. DAX and Nasdaq still have potential, shouldn't have rushed to go long on Wall Street
  8. Nasdaq is making a downward move just now.
  9. That is totally beyond me. Perhaps it's a bad idea to short the indices (especially the American ones); perhaps it's because of the upcoming election. I think it's just because TA is a lot of b*llocks
  10. Let's go long on Wall Street and see what happens
  11. The Nasdaq looks like a good shorting candidate with the MACD heading down.
  12. Pretty much a guarantee that our trade will be stopped out at this stage. How disappointing! I wonder how people can make money consistently using this approach? ðŸĪ”
  13. Looks like we have support down there.
  14. I still think this will be stopped out. It's a bit sh!t really.
  15. Go ahead and go long on EUR/USD, there's plenty more upside to come.
  16. I'm really curious to know what's stopping him from putting trades on like I'm doing. BTW, I'm now using Demo to put my trades on and will be for the foreseeable future. I don't have any hang-ups about being wrong or looking ridiculous.
  17. Not done yet, but it's looking like we'll get stopped out by lunchtime 🧐
  18. https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-china-rich-billionaire/stock-market-boom-new-listings-mint-china-billionaires-at-record-pace-idUSKBN2750GN It's pretty clear who benefits from 'free' markets. China has shown us that you can have wild wealth inequality (which is what the bourgeoisie in the West want above all else) and political and social authoritarianism at the same time. The West has no choice but to follow suit.
  19. As the world becomes more authoritarian, I think there is a real argument to be made for outlawing spread betting and other such nonsense aimed at retail traders. It's self-abuse on a massive scale.
  20. Of course, if it doesn't break 28200 then we could buy 😘
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