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  1. Hi gamiva. The screenshot is from a demo SB account on my windows laptop. I did have a look on the app on my ipad, and must admit I could not find the forward option on ios. However I avoid trading on apps of any brokers as I find them pretty hopelessly slimmed down and difficult to use. I don't have any other suggestions I'm afraid.
  2. I think in most cases you just access the chart of the share and at the top there is an option to trade the spot (cash) or forward
  3. You can only trade a handful of US stock out of hours with IG if it states ALL SESSIONS after it's name.
  4. Not sure which app you use, but on my iPad I get the option to buy a quantity of shares or invest a specific amount. Also on my laptop the first option is for a number of shares but there is a dropdown box enables me to change to an amount of money to invest. Like you I always invest a specific amount including commission etc. To this end, I had a conversation with @CharlotteIG about this recently (last couple of weeks) suggesting that the system is changed around so that investment amount is shown first and number of shares second, as most private investors do no invest in round lots,
  5. In most instances I would have thought it is cheaper to pay the overnight charges rather than another spread.
  6. Actually IG do allow you to buy shares with funds which are awaiting settlement from a previous sale as long as it's via share dealing or ISA ie not a leveraged trade.
  7. All CFDs are derivatives - you do not own or influence the price of the underlying market you are buying / selling. However dividends do apply to CFDs, either shares or indices, which you either earn or pay depending on whether you are long / short at the time the dividend is due
  8. @Artist Shares are quoted in pence per share, so HSBC in your example are at 404.75 pence per share = just over £4 per share
  9. If only we knew which days they should be.....
  10. Totally agree. Provision of sentiment data is purely a marketing tool. Brokers make money through activity, so anything which encourages placing of bets / trades is good from their perspective.
  11. Betfair exchange offers a reasonable range of political bets
  12. Hi The top price is the listing on the French exchange (in euros), the bottom one on the London stock exchange (sterling), the latter being quoted in pence per share.
  13. You bought shares costing £11,176.62, have made profit of £1581.76 on add these together to give current value of positions = £12,758.38. You have £8,064.33 available to deal.
  14. They don't use the correct names because they would have to pay a fee for intellectual property rights. As I understand it IG pay this for FTSE100 but won't pay for any others.
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