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  1. There are numerous, and quite regular requests from users of IG services for improvements / feature inclusions etc...and rightly so. After all it's the customer who should know what the want best of all, but I wonder how many actually get appraised? I have been a client of IG since 2003 and have made many suggestions over the years. How many do I think have been implemented? Maybe one. Now I appreciate that a business is not going to change something when only one individual wants that, but there are many responses from the IG admin team stating they will forward suggestions. Do they? I've never received any feedback on anything I've proposed, although I think all of the things I've suggested are realistic and not difficult to do. I think it would be really useful if there could be a suggestion database of some sort, which could be populated by a proposer, and then voted on by other users of the site. If enough votes are cast, then IG could have a serious look at it, perhaps consulting with the proposer on how they want it to look. The spreadsheet could then be updated with IG's comments ie whether and when it will be implemented, or if not a short reason why it can't. What do you think?
  2. Probably a platform or custody fee?
  3. @Eastusk The rules regarding this depend whether the ISA is a 'flexible ISA' or not. If a provider offers a flexible ISA you can replace any funds you withdraw in the same tax year. If they do not offer a flexible ISA then a withdrawal cannot be reinvested. In the case of IG their ISA is flexible : https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/investments/share-dealing-and-isas/do-you-offer-flexible-isas
  4. I depends on your own tax jurisdiction, and the type of instruments / wrappers you are using will determine what type of statements you receive. In the UK this is the situation: https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/accounts-and-statements/statements/what-statements-will-i-receive If you are not in the UK maybe there's a similar page somewhere for you
  5. Yes all buy or sell activity counts
  6. Ah, not sure in that case, sorry. You may have to complete a Crest transfer form? but I would email IG to check the process. I don't think brokers normally publish their Crest number.
  7. @RobertLambert Are your shares with another broker? If so you can get IG to initiate proceedings via My IG / live accounts.
  8. You should've signed up to my signals service - I only charge £3,000 an hour - a snip for an investor of your means...
  9. ..go down the pub, don't worry about it. It'll be fine on a few hours
  10. Now all Musk has to do is buy BTC again and re-ramp for another shed load of profit.....
  11. @Redeye1 You can trade as much as you want in your ISA and there is no income tax or CGT from activities within the ISA. If you sell something in your ISA the proceeds are available to buy something else straight away
  12. crypto is 24/7 I think, but you need to have professional account status to trade it
  13. Yes, and yes ! 1) If you place an order you choose how long you want that order to be active. The day limit means your buy or sell order will expire at the end of the trading day for that stock if it hasn't executed (eg 16:30 for LSE etc..) You can choose an alternative to 'limit day' which is normally 'good til cancelled', which as the name suggests will remain an active order until you decide otherwise. 2) You choose how long you want to own the shares
  14. You need to use a 'fill or kill' order. A number of brokers offer this but I don't think IG do unfortunately
  15. There is a settlement period of 2 - 3 days for share sales. Basically you have to wait that amount of time before you can have the cash, although IG will allow you to buy more shares with unsettled funds without having to wait for settlement period to elapse.
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