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  1. Hi Danbo Go to 'My IG' you'll see your accounts listed. To the right of the profit/loss column click on the three horizontal dots and there is a transfer funds option in the drop down.
  2. I think the securities you've quoted are ADRs and that's the reason HMRC won't allow these in your ISA
  3. Maybe there was a corporate action for that company and it's that transaction which is now showing? Check the date and company website - may give you the answer you need
  4. You pay overnight fees for borrowing money ie using leverage, but you cannot normally trade CFDs without leverage.
  5. You can mix and match UK/US to make up the 3 trades to qualify for the lower commissions on both the following month.
  6. Under HMRC rules, you can only fund with one ISA provider in a tax year, so if you want to trade through an IG ISA you will have to request IG to transfer the funds over from HL. Don't close the HL ISA yourself. BUT you will have to get hold of IG to do it! May be worth sending an email - they may be able to reply with the relevant documents
  7. There is an 'x' to the right of the signals section - make sure your chart is full screen first, then you can see it.
  8. The purpose behind bed and ISA is to manage capital gains tax. eg realise a gain using your CG allowance, or perhaps offset other gains with a loss, but you want to retain the stock so rebuy it under your available ISA allowance. It would be great if you could transfer non ISA equity holdings straight into an ISA, but you can't, so the only way to do it is to sell the stock and repurchase in the ISA wrapper. Obviously there are advantages to holding shares in ISA regarding CGT and dividends but the advantages of bed and ISA have to be weighed up against cost, how long you want to retain th
  9. No this is not currently offered by IG sadly. In fact the share trading is a pretty basic aspect of IG's offering compared with their leveraged business. The leveraged side is where they make their significant profits and share dealing is secondary in my view Trailing stops have been put into the IG suggestion box by many, but nothing has come of this to date. Maybe if we all keep on asking it may happen but I get the impression suggestions in the share trading arena are not top priority ATM.
  10. I got through on 0800 195 8009 and then option 2. I got the standard 'we are busy' message but connected straight after the message.
  11. OK. that was the issue for me, so sorry cannot help further. Good luck. I had a query about something last weekend and got through to someone quickly on Saturday morning. I know that doesn't help if you want to trade now or tomorrow but may be a good time to call them.
  12. So if this is an ISA you opened before the 2020/21 tax year, and you did not place any cash into the ISA in 2020/21 it will be restricted until you get IG to reactivate it before you can trade with new funds.
  13. Not entirely sure, but have a couple of suggestions why you may be having an issue: Is it a new ISA for this tax year, or one that you have with IG already? If a new one you've just set up not sure what the issue is. If the latter I believe you need to have funded it in the previous tax year (ie 2020/2021) for you to be able to trade immediately. If your IG ISA is older than that and was not funded last tax year you will need to get IG to reactivate it. Alternatively, although you've sold shares on your sharedealing account and can trade with unsettled funds in the same account, yo
  14. I had a similar problem over the weekend trying to fund my ISA. Do you have another debit card attached to a different account? If so add that and deposit from that account; I had success by doing this. I also sent a faster payment from the account on which the card was problematic, and this worked OK.
  15. You can trade Deliveroo in your ISA from 07.04.2021
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