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  1. @Artist Shares are quoted in pence per share, so HSBC in your example are at 404.75 pence per share = just over £4 per share
  2. If only we knew which days they should be.....
  3. Totally agree. Provision of sentiment data is purely a marketing tool. Brokers make money through activity, so anything which encourages placing of bets / trades is good from their perspective.
  4. Betfair exchange offers a reasonable range of political bets
  5. Hi The top price is the listing on the French exchange (in euros), the bottom one on the London stock exchange (sterling), the latter being quoted in pence per share.
  6. You bought shares costing £11,176.62, have made profit of £1581.76 on add these together to give current value of positions = £12,758.38. You have £8,064.33 available to deal.
  7. They don't use the correct names because they would have to pay a fee for intellectual property rights. As I understand it IG pay this for FTSE100 but won't pay for any others.
  8. The sell button is on the right hand side of your open positions window
  9. Signals, indicators, TA are, on the whole, a waste of time, whatever source you use. They provide a justification to trade in the eyes of the person using them but you will be caught out too many times to make them worthwhile. The brokers love them because, as I've said many times before, they create business for them. It's a bit like going to a casino where the house will happily show you the last 30 numbers which have come up on the roulette wheel and punters will think they can see this amazing pattern emerging, but of course it isn't.
  10. Assuming you mean funds in a previous tax year ISA (unless you've funded one today!) You must get IG to request the funds from your other provider. You can do this through your ISA account (there's an add funds button top right when you are in your ISA account). Do not withdraw the funds yourself from your existing ISA and place them in your IG ISA because this would be classed as using your 2020/21 subscription.
  11. Yes apologies, an attached limit order should close the position fully taking into account any other trades which have gone through already on the same instrument. So really not sure what's happened. Your only option is client help - but it might take a while to get through at the moment, as I'm sure you will be aware
  12. Sounds as though you failed to adjust your limit order size to take account of the intervening shorts, and did you definitely set them for net off? If the market was moving quickly the issue is probably slippage
  13. Omar, you highlight the reason why most TA and indicators are a waste of time; they can be adapted to what you want them to be. They are a comfort blanket and justification for opening making (mainly opening) a trade. Brokers love them because they create activity. A massive industry exists in providing real (because it's all historic) data but none of them can predict the future.
  14. @Molibar I am not defending IG spreads, rather acknowledging how they decide to price. IG have many many positive characteristics over other providers and it depends what you want and your trading style as to who you use. I have been an IG client since 2003 and would not use anyone else for some aspects of my trading, but for other elements they are not the best. When day trading indices I need tight spreads; the difference can be £10's a day in my P&L.
  15. No sure I can help you with that - may be a technical reason - in which case you need to speak to IG - and I know they are busy at the moment. It may also be something to do with when you opened the ISA and/or whether you have funded another ISA with another provider in the current or the previous tax year as HRMC records may show your ISA allowance is held with someone else?