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  1. @OptionsTrader, Just checked it now and it seems to be fine!
  2. Serious question: what are the main advantages of PRT charts over IG charts if there are some?
  3. Hi @Bradipo, Just loaded charts on my Android. 2 questions: 1. Which Android are you using? 2. Does it not load for all markets?
  4. Hey @Bradipo, what charts are we talking about? The ones from the new platform or the ones from the old/classic platform (in Flash)?
  5. @Mpx83 Not at the present, but there is a way for you to check if that's the issue. Go to PRT (ProRealTime) and check the moving average with Sunday data removed (I believe it is possible there). Then you can see whether that is the issue or not!
  6. Could be Sundays or it could be the price you're using it from. IG uses close price, others might use open/high/low or give the option to choose. Are you comparing with a platform in particular?
  7. @TrendFollower Not sure if it helps, but recently IG added 2 volume-based indicators to their offering: Volume-Weighted Moving Average and Ease of Movement. Maybe that covers your strategy?
  8. Hey @Bullan. It is indeed available if you're on the full screen chart. You can also edit the preview from the chart on mobile!
  9. Hey @psycho, I think drawings are not per interval. However, you can toggle drawings visibility in the "Show" menu. Does that help?
  10. There is a way to do that should you wish to do that in the web trading platform. You split the chart in 4 and then add the same indicator with different setup. Not exactly what you wanted but that's a workaround to have what you wanted.