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  1. Found a good place to ask IG questions and demand answers. If you go to LinkedIn and the IG page they posted their quarterly figures last week. Great place to post questions as they would not like adverse publicity there.
  2. I believe I have to sell and buy, remove cash and buy with new broker. I am going to open an account with Capital and one other, not sure which yet. This has taught me that you should have an alternative account to have more options available.
  3. I raised a case with their HelpDesk and asked if they had the option to transfer my shares or whether I would need to exit positions and manually move to another service. This is the reply in full: Thanks for your email.You will need to manually move them over.
  4. Thanks JLZ, I think I will open with them and gradually filter over.
  5. Does IG monitor these posts? It would be good to see them reply to these concerns. Looking at all of the analysis on RobinHood there seems to be two possible causes for them halting these stocks; 1. a conflict of interest or 2. they have a liquidity problem. Does IG have liquidity issues? Am looking at Capital.com, does anyone have experience with them? Good or bad? Their advert claims they have no trading blocks in place.
  6. Hoping to exit IG, does anyone have any good suggestions for an alternative in the UK? I honestly thought that IG was better than this, I was so shocked. Time to move on.
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