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  1. I also found similar problem, my USDJPY position I hold only one day but it charged me 11 days.
  2. Can anyone please tell me is there any hidden cost or charges when deposit fund with debit card? Recent exchange rate of USD\MYR is around 4.12. However, I need to use RM8900 in order to exchange 2000USD. The rate is almost 4.55. I already almost 10% when deposit.
  3. It still not change back to normal after a few days. Now,half of currency paired in my watchlist show this problem. I think it is not about the economic news but is due to some technical problem.
  4. For example, USD/CHF min pts away is 502 and USD/CAD min pts away is 196. There is no way I can take trade for these currencies as I need to keep watching to ensure it not reaching my initial stop loss.