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  1. Agree, the problem with some of them is that they have quite a bit of Shale Oil producers, and some of them might go bankrupt
  2. Did not find anything actually suitable. To invest long term in oil you need ETF made of futures with long duration, while most of the available ones have 1 or 3 months. That is certainly a trap, as we are currently in contango, and therefore the long term correlation will be low. Any ideas / ETF suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks
  3. @TrendFollower I understand your point, there will be demand destruction, but you are basing the recovery of oil on just the demand, which will eventually come back maybe in 6 to 12 months. My point here is that current price levels are not sustainable for none of the 3 main players; saudis, Russia and US. Most of US's shale oil producers will go bust - most of them in Texas, which by the way is 100% Republican. Therefore, I expect Trump to move in the coming weeks to make the 3 players move a bit curtailing production. With current environment, I see a floor at low-10s, but it is not an easy task to catch the bottom and therefore a gradual entry, like you recommended is the best way here. Don't get me wrong, I am still shorting oil, but I believe current prices are unsustainable and that production will eventually be cut, regardless of what happens with demand.
  4. Long Crude Trade Hi guys, Given the recent developments on markets since the Coronavirus outbreak and the disputes within OPEC+ crude is now in the low 20-region. Assuming this worldwide mess will get sort out, demand will pick up and that low prices will send some players into bankrupcy, I think investing long term in non-levered crude ETF is best practice. Just getting back to 30 would be a huge profit. Since I invest in pounds, I better get the one the GBP-hedged one (ticker PBRT.L). Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. Hi, Does anyone know inverse ETFs to short the bond performance in the sharedealing account? Thanks
  6. Well the range of leveraged ETF you can trade now is way more limited, as most of them are from USA and they do not have KIID. I can't trade on leverage ETF on china for example. In the US I found the following ones: QQQ3. Can you quote a few that consider worth checking?
  7. Hi guys, What alternative to the US based ETF do you use now that they are banned by the ESMA rule? Any levered ETF to track the US indices? Thank you!
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