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  1. I' ask if it is possible when a order is open and have a stop loss at minimum distance accepted (ex n 12 tiks on DOWJON cfd), if is possible to reduce stop distance to 6 ticks automaticly. This mean instead of closing position with single click on istrument manualy to close order automaticly at 6 ticks. Could be api a solution ? thank you for your cooperation up
  2. Is it possible on mt4 platform obtain a prfofessional copy order software without any delay directly in ig own server? Or is it possible to optain a MULTIACCOUNT VERSION of Mt4 platform directly from IG ? thank you up
  3. Why during all day chart are so slow and not enought whick to manage drectly order by grafic windows? is it only a mine problemensthank you.(On germany 30 and Wstrett..)