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  1. Hi all This should be resolved now - if not, please refresh your platform by pressing F5, or log out/in, and your settings should be restored. Very sorry about this. Chris
  2. Hi @ppicton, it looks like there were very little trades on PMO this morning, so the price was flat and wouldn't have moved on the platform.
  3. Hi Cate, This is indeed an error on our side, and we're currently working on making corrections to any account affected. Thanks for your patience while we sort this, and sorry for the confusion. Chris
  4. Hi @PaulEdwards01 We can take a look in to this for you. I've just successfully logged in using Edge. Are you access the new or old platform? Chris
  5. Hi @eric8889 I can see we've provided a response to you this morning, please check your email if you've not seen it. Thanks for your patience with this, we're working extremely hard to answer any queries. Chris
  6. Hi @Jkixx , if you have any trade issues, it's best to email or call so we can take a look. I'm sorry if there's any delay in trying to reach us, we're working extremely hard to answer everyone's queries. Thanks for your patience! Chris
  7. Hi all I believe IG charts, as well as ProRealTime and MT4 charts should be up and running as normal now. I posted the below the "IG Status" thread, but am copying here as well: Chris
  8. Hi all I'm really sorry for the platform issues experienced this afternoon, and any difficulty in reaching us. We're working as hard as we can right now to answer your calls and emails, rest assured we'll answer them as soon as possible. If you're still experiencing issues with your account, call or email us. Apologies again, and thanks for your patience. Chris
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