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  1. Thank you Kodiak. I wish I found “the holy grail”. If IG can access your account they can access your prorealtime code. How do IG prevent this? If I understand your answer prorealtime encrypt it but the code is still available in your IG account.
  2. Successful automated trading systems are scarce. The ProOrder code is not encrypted/compiled and can therefor been accessed. How do IG prevent this?
  3. I totally agree that volume is very important but it can also be very confusing. Increasing volume with a trend that go up/down indicates good strength but sometimes that increasing volume is the volume that stops the move upward or downward. Uninformed traders rush in not to miss the move while the real informed traders are the ones selling/buying from them. Volume can therefor indicate the continuation or reversal of a move. One only know afterwards when it is too late.
  4. I would say that if you take 20 trades you can expect to win 1/20 (5% change) times £1000 and loose 19 times £100. So you will probably loose £1900 and win £1000. So this will give you a loss of £900. If you win 19 times a £100 and only loose £100 once you'll end up making £1800. I'll go for the £100 gain with a probability of 95%.
  5. I can recommend the following book if you are interested in this field and you like Python: "Intro to social data for traders". It is interesting. It maybe useful for some traders.