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  1. IG have said this was a 'technical' issue and funds have been credited back to the account, however the credit back on the account is a smaller value. Numbers are very small but I would have expected to be put back in the same position I was in as this was an IG error. If the values were larger would it still be a case of 'screw' the customer. I would be interested to know if this impacted all holders of CME Group.
  2. Hi, Negative CME dividend amount on my account today. Looks like the December CME dividend has been reversed off account on 11 Jan 2018? Just wondering if this has happened across all accounts that hold CME Group? Thanks
  3. Hi, Same question. How are fractional shares from the reverse stock split being treated by IG? Thanks
  4. Hi, 7 days since pay date of AINV dividend but not yet on my account. Is there a particular delay with this dividend? Thanks
  5. I agree. I asked IG this question about a year ago and they said they were 'working on it'.