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  1. Re: what I just said, I may understand it now. Is it that the 'Distance' field overrides the original level field for all future moves of the stop? So in my example, if I set the Distance to 10000 and the price then moved to 182000 as I described, then my stop would actually move down to 172000, as it is now set to be always 10000 away from the price?
  2. Thanks for the reply (I made the post on a guest account, this is my real one). I still don't think I completely understand though. Say I open a buy position on Amazon.com at 180000, with a trailing stop at level 175000 with a step of 2000. This means that if the price moves to 182000, then my stop moves up to 177000 right? If I then edit this stop,the new 'Distance' field appears with the value 5000 (so it is opening price - the level I set). If I then change Distance to 10000 but leave the other fields the same, what does this do? I'm confused because it still seems like my stop is
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