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  1. I've had similar issues over the last few days on the demo platform. IG support are aware (as of yesterday) and they said they are looking into it. Shame those profits aren't on a live account!
  2. Hi @RichB-Trader Would you mind sharing your risk spreadsheet (just the structure with any data blanked out)? I am working on building a risk and trading history spreadsheet and am interested to see how you have approached it. Thanks.
  3. I am experiencing the same, some demo positions are being opened whilst others are just hanging. Clearly something still wrong with the demo system.
  4. Thanks @Caseynotes very help, I didn't manage to find that page. I'll create a simple spreadsheet so I can calculate the funding costs myself.
  5. Does anybody know how to calculate the cost of overnight funding, for example with a SP500 DFB spreadbet? I have found some informaton on the IG website It mentions an "admin fee" however it doesn't say what this admin fee actually is.
  6. This level seems to be a strong area of resistance, 5th test since October. Short from here? 2018.
  7. Hi @AntonL-IG Has any progress been made on making historical sentiment data available via the API? If it is either not going to happen or is still far down the development line, would IG have any objections if I was to store sentiment data over time and make it available through an Excel Add-in I am developing i.e. collect my own historic data? Thanks.
  8. It was from there but I've just noticed those numbers are from the demo API, which for some reason is different from the live API.... Here's the current table, just updated from the live API:
  9. @RichB-Trader I am getting the data from the IG Index API via my Excel Add-in, I wrote a brief tutorial about it here (there is also an example spreadsheet): IG Index Client Sentiment Analysis Using Excel @Caseynotes I can't explain the discrepancy with the SPX sentiment data, I am simply retrieving the raw number from the API. @TrendFollower I think the most interesting thing about the sentiment numbers I have looked at is the high bias towards long positions, perhaps influenced by traders more inclined (no matter what the market is doing, what their system signals etc.) to go long rather than short.
  10. I must admit I don't know exactly how IG determine the sentiment number, I presume it is based on number of global clients and how they are positioned? I also presume it gives equal weight irrespective of position size, so the £0.01 a pip trader is counted a one position, same as the £1000 a pip trader. I think the fact that most clients are long on most markets is interesting. I also think it would be interesting to track how these numbers change over time. Perhaps you could use changes in sentiment to trigger trade decisions and track performance over time. My gut feel is that it could be a good contrary indicator.... Does anybody else look at client sentiment?
  11. I've built an Excel Add-in and have added some client sentiment formulas. What I find interesting is the much higher proportion of long positions across all asset classes. Surprisingly the FTSE100 is the least shorted of all the major stock indices. In the FX world, IG clients are long on all major pairs, regardless of whether they are effectively long or short the USD. I will post this again with updated data, will be interesting to see how it changes over time (I suspect it won't actually change that much!).
  12. Hi, I am building an Excel Add-in product which connects to IG using the API. I am based in the UK and the API works fine with IG Index UK accounts. Can somebody confirm that the API works with accounts for ALL other IG entities such as IG Australia, IG US and IG Bank (in Switzerland). Thanks, Andy
  13. In addition to everything @TrendFollower suggested, I suggest keeping a detailed trading journal of all your trades. In particular keep notes of why you entered a position, when you expect to exit the position, and your reasoning for any stop loss/take profit that you have defined. Keep the journal updated as the market moves and review how your trades have performed and try to figure out why some lost and others were winners. Hopefully over time this will help you gain valuable understanding of how and why you trade the way you do, and ultimately help you become more profitable. If anything it should help prevent those "revenge" trades which are so tempting after a loss (speaking from experience here...).
  14. It's the lookback period which I suspect is in days (a 14 day lookback seems to be standard for stocks).
  15. Hi, This is due to the token being invalidated, your code needs to handle instances where the token is invalidated and request a new one. More details on the IG Labs FAQ: https://labs.ig.com/faq ("Do the CST and X-SECURITY-TOKEN tokens expire") Hope this helps. Andy
  16. Very interesting way of showing SP500 returns over time. I'd like to read more, @Caseynotes do you have a link to the original document/presentation?
  17. It might sound obvious but are you looking at the correct price, i.e. buy or sell price? If you are long then are you looking at the sell price (to close) versus the buy price (to open)? Can you post a screenshot (with account details etc hidden)?
  18. Also interesting, from the article, that XTX Markets accounts for 18.9% of all global FX order flow considering it was founded only a few years ago (2015).
  19. Hi, I've built an Excel Add-in which includes the ability to download positions. Once you have setup your account you just specify which fields you require and press the download button, position data will then appear in your spreadsheet as below: The Add-in is available at: https://www.excelpricefeed.com It can also stream live prices to an Excel cell as well as help you easily download historic price data into an Excel spreadsheet. Contact me either via the website or private message and I can send you an Activation Code for a free 20 day trial. Hope you find it useful. Andy
  20. Ah, that explains why they are the "Gold Sponsor" at an upcoming trading conference in New York, they are trying to crack the US market...
  21. Hi @JamesIG I would really like to see IG provide an API for calendar data. It would really help those of us working on trading tools or automating/semi-automating strategies.
  22. Hi, The Add-in is now available and can be downloaded at: http://www.excelpricefeed.com/userguide/download Contact me either via my website or private message and I can send you an Activation Code for a free 20 day trial. The Add-in currently provides live and streaming prices to Excel cells via simple formulas such as: =EPF.IG.Stream.Bid("CS.D.GBPUSD.TODAY.IP") I am looking at adding historical data access as well as other functionality depending on user feedback. Hope you find it useful. Andy
  23. Hi Michael, I'll try to send you a personal message. Cheers, Andy
  24. Hi Michael, I'm working on an Excel Add-in (http://www.excelpricefeed.com/) which enables streaming and retrieval of live prices from IG Index (as well as other data providers such as Yahoo/IEX). If you are interested I could send you a trial version so you can see if it can be useful to you. It's a work in progress so it's not quite finished and I haven't worked out pricing etc yet. Let you know if you are interested. Cheers, Andy
  25. I'm afraid it's not possible to download indicator values using the API. Like you say you will need to calculate the RSI values yourself which is fairly straightforward in Excel. If you are seeing different values ensure you are using the same timeframe and "number of periods" parameter. Hope this helps. Andy