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  1. I use the transactions endpoint in my Excel Add-in and it works well. However, as you say it need to be set to API V2 as V1 is no longer supported. The API version needs to be set on the request header, for example: I would check the code where the actual request is made and make sure this is being set correctly. I hope this helps.
  2. It just opened, currently up 70% at $420.
  3. Yes, you should definitely use the ask/bid price when backtesting. Spreads change constantly based on market conditions, time of day etc. and can have a significant impact on the profitability of any system.
  4. Yeah I agree, for the last few months it attracted lots of spammers for some reason (I presume it was not being moderated and had always attracted spam). However, it did have lots of useful content, often I would search on Google for a question/issue and would see a useful forum post in the results. Over the years it became a decent knowledge base, which I guess is all lost now.
  5. Hi @CharlotteIG or anybody at IG. Can you explain what is happening with the IG Labs forum? It was a great resource for help/discussion with anything related to the API, and now all that info has gone. Thanks.
  6. The Coinbase "IPO" is not really an IPO it's a direct listing so no new shares will be made available to the public: https://blog.excelpricefeed.com/2021/02/25/coinbase-ipo/
  7. Coinbase today announced its intention to IPO by filing an S1 with the US SEC. How does Coinbase compare with traditional financial exchanges and what are its prospects? Some thoughts here after digging into the S1: https://blog.excelpricefeed.com/2021/02/25/coinbase-ipo
  8. As I understand it you can only use the API with a spread bet or CFD account not a share dealing account. It looks from your partial screenshot that you have a share dealing account so I suspect this is why you cannot see the API option.
  9. So you can't see the API Keys option on the left (when you have Settings selected at the top)? Try this link: https://www.ig.com/uk/myig/settings/api-keys
  10. Pre-market: -40% after a -30% drop yesterday:
  11. This has happened multiple times over the past 12 months. I understand that there can be technical issues but what is not acceptable is there is never any analysis published afterwards: what happened and what work is being done to address it so it doesn't happen again. Is it purely a technical issue, i.e. too many users and the servers can't handle it? or something else?
  12. The price is all over the place today with a high of $482 and a low of $114 !!! "no one makes money until they sell" and I do fear that many of those on Reddit are sitting on large paper profits that can disappear as quickly as they appeared. The move back down can be as abrupt as the move up once sentiment changes and reality sets in...let's see what happens...
  13. I thought I would write up an explanation of what is currently going on with GameStop in what could be a defining moment for the world of finance. I hope some of you find it interesting and informative: https://blog.excelpricefeed.com/2021/01/28/gamestop-wall-st-vs-main-street/ (here's the price/volume chart since the start of the year!)
  14. Pre-market now at +160% at 380. Who knows where this is going to open...
  15. Pre-market showing it up 68% since the close yesterday, currently at 248. Some US stocks you can trade pre-market but not GME. Be careful around the open though, spreads will be very wide...
  16. Breaking News: COVID-19: 'Major incident' declared in London due to hospital pressure https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-major-incident-declared-in-london-due-to-hospital-pressure-12182329 Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has declared a "major incident" in the capital due to rising coronavirus cases threatening to overwhelm hospitals. City Hall said growing infection rates are "putting immense pressure on an already stretched NHS", with the number of people on mechanical ventilators up by 42% - from 640 to 908 - in the week up to 6 January.
  17. I'm seeing problems with the Demo API in fact I can't even logon, either through my own application or on the API Companion. I have reset my username and password and created a new API Key, all to no avail. I suspect the demo systems is experiencing some sort of outage, can somebody from IG check please? cc @CharlotteIG
  18. Where is the evidence for this? Just because the value of Bitcoin has risen recently does not mean it's a bona fide currency. I think it's a speculative bubble, the price is going up because people are bidding prices up simply because they think it will go higher.
  19. I don't believe you can trade US stock options with IG.
  20. I'm done with this thread. You don't respond to the points raised by anybody who doesn't agree with you. I'll leave you to it, you can post your memes and theories that go against practically all the medical and government advice out there. If you're right then this must be the biggest and most sophisticated conspiracy (with the most participants across all walks of life) in the history of the world.
  21. There are a multitude of reasons why the death rate in the 2nd wave is less than the 1st: many of the most susceptible died in the 1st wave, we understand the virus more now so have more effective treatments to prevent death, younger people make up a larger percentage of the case etc. More reasons here: https://www.ft.com/content/b3801b63-fbdb-433b-9a46-217405b1109f Community immunity would also mean less cases. Cases in Sweden, however, are on a par with other countries at the moment: Also, even if your fortunate enough to not die there are a multitude of long term health
  22. Not looking too good in Sweden at the moment: Source: https://www.ft.com/content/1e0ac31d-5abf-4a18-ab3e-eec9744a4d31
  23. Sorry, it was not directed at you, I just quoted what you said.
  24. Can't we keep this forum meme free? I come here for trading/markets discussion. It's turning into Facebook with all the conspiracy theories, memes etc!
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