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  1. Hi Bates, Thanks very much. But does that tell me the denomination? For example if I take Barclays PLC as an example currently trading at 172.06. The 'Get Info' tab says GBP so does this mean each share is £172 or £1.72p? Thanks for your help
  2. Good day everyone, I am new to trading and would like to get some clarification on how to read share prices in different markets. 1. For companies listed on the FTSE100 are these quoted in pounds? For example, if a company is listed as 56.18 does this mean £0.5618p per share? 2. For US listed companies is this listed in dollars? For example, if a company is listed as 3855 does this mean $38.55? 3. For other markets, eg Japan 225, German 30, France 40 how are these listed? I tried to find this information but could not and would be so grateful for any information provided. Thanks.
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