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  1. I am also getting this error on a line when the market opens or just closes but it then lets you do something in about another hour - it is really annoying!!!
  2. By no means am an expert... being a newbie myself... But number 1 if you place order for 1 share, it the IG app then tells you the price. The other poster (@caseynotes) is probably a another good approach if you want to make absolutely sure (i.e. look on the exchange websit) I think the LSE quotes in pence though. So 1 share above would be 1.72 ps... don’t forget that IG will add there commission to that figure so for me at the moment i1 share shows as £9.72
  3. Hi I have just had the same question. Two things I did to help me. Pretend to place an order - that came up with the currency involved - for example Amazon Inc at approx 1700 was $1700, c.£1300... Click on the Down Arrow next to the company (its one of the 3/4 icons), there is an option called Get info. Here has lots of useful things to help. Hope this helps too.
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