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  1. Thank you @PandaFace& @Caseynotes! This was in the last e-mail: In order to have an account with IG each one of our clients needs to pass certain financial thresholds (earnings and savings) due to our internal regulations. Unfortunately as of the moment you are slightly below those thresholds, thus your account had to be declined. However, you are welcome to reapply any time once your figures rise. When I try to create an account and choose Hungary for country of residence the only available account type is the CFD. Im just created one and ended up in this situation.
  2. Hi @Caseynotes! Thank you for your comment! Im from Hungary and try to open a simply CFD account for indices. I have ETX Capital account but the traders I know trading with IG. I have difficulties when I try to copy their moves in a market like ASX. The spread is totally different and I can't enter & exit in the same time with the same prices. It's very annoying.
  3. Hello Guys! My identity and address was verified weeks ago but my account still pending. I had a conversation about my savings in e-mail and I don't meet the minimum wealth requirements. I would like to deposit €2000 and I can't see what's the problem with this. I know it's not a big amount of money but if it's impossible to deposit because my savings or earnings below €15.000 then why £250 is the minimum deposit? I would like to trade with IG because the traders who start teaching me recommend the best trading platform. Can you help me in this situation? Thank you in advance,
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