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  1. They also have the date of GE completely wrong. GE are reporting 30th AM. Not the 25th. You're welcome IG. I must admit I am also extremely stumped at the misses by AMZN and GOOG, think this is what you were getting at with "What was the market thinking". Will be interesting to see what happens with ^IXIC (US Tech 100) tomorrow. It's been trading in a very clear descending channel on the 4 hour charts for a while now and is at the bottom of that channel currently at the time of writing. However myself and a lot of others were thinking a killer AMZN & GOOG earnings would get the B
  2. Whilst I appreciate that IG is a broker and does need to make money. The fact that 79% of retail clients lose money should mean their business is very profitable. However, I am getting pretty sick of seeing a stock that I want to day trade on my scanners only to find that this market is in close only mode, unavailable to trade or something similar. I understand that IG are not the only ones, Suretrader do this in a little less blatant fashion by removing leverage for these stocks however my main point is my first one. Why am I not able to trade the stocks that I want to trade? It's doing
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