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  1. Thank you for the help. So it is an order that I need to go for. I am testing this on a demo account and have filled in an order as follows: FTSE 100 - Order - Buy 7112.6 - Size 2 - Price level 7113 - Expiry Good till cancelled - Stop 10 - Limit 20 - Net off When I select 'Place stop order' I get 'Order level too close to market level' The order is not placed, what should I do differently.
  2. Hi, I am not entirely clear when to use the order option rather than go with deal. If I want to keep open say the FTSE 100 and go long for a number of weeks should I place an order. When placing an order what does it mean by 'Price level' and 'Limit'. Is an order executed right away. Would appreciate if anyone could clarify this for me. Packie
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