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  1. Thanks for this @Caseynotes. It is a demo account. Have you ever experienced such glitches on live accounts and if so, are they simple enough to rectify? I'm playing around with the platform but things like this make me nervous to deposit real funds.
  2. It would appear so, although I didn't see the trades close in real time, just the results as posted above.
  3. I'm a newbie to this and I cannot get my head around why three of my positions closed last night after the market had closed.. I held three short positions on SA40 and was running a loss. The price didn't move below 46824 before the market closed at 10pm (UK time) yet all three positions closed at their set limits at 10:27pm (UK time). There are no indications that the market dropped after closing so it's a bit of a mystery to me. What am I missing? Is this linked to dividends being paid out after trading hours? 04/01/19 22:27 South Africa 40MAR-19 -0.50 46650 46540 £55.00 04/01/19 22:27 South Africa 40MAR-19 -1 46329 46285 £44.00 04/01/19 22:27 South Africa 40MAR-19 -1 46549 46400 £149.00