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  1. On IG Australia I'm Pro Level1 and trade CFDs. I'm trying to set up a share dealing account. I've been going round in circles trying to find out how to do this and failing, and on this help menu I saw "Investments" at the top of the page and this allowed me to set up an account with a different login name and existing password. When I logout and try to login it does not recognise the new login user id. I also want to link these accounts so that I can use collateral. I believe I know how to do that once the accounts are set up and appear presumably on the same dashboard, as they do on my UK IG account. I am quite used to CDF and share dealing on my UK account. Thank you John
  2. Is there an App which allows the trading of Digital 100s? I trade these on my PC but can't see them on my iPAD or Android
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