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  1. Ah, that's great. I'm was apprehensive and thought it will execute at the market.
  2. That's what I'm seeing. But it doesn't have the toggle for "Limit" or "Stop" Order Type. I was able to make that appear in the iOS. It's called "Advanced Options" in Settings.
  3. Hi. Is IG Labs free? I'm planning to go into quantitative trading. Not really high-frequency auto-execution. But use more sexy quant models for determining the trend and mean reversion. Execution will still be manual as a start. So first thing's first is if I can get a feed of historical FX prices and maybe tick volume. How extensive is the data being offered by the IG API? Thanks, TheGuru12, for sharing your code by the way. I haven't gone through it.
  4. Hi. I am able to place a Stop Entry Order Type where an order will only be activated when the price reaches a certain level in the iOS app. But I cannot seem to do it in the web browser. Can anyone help?
  5. I did end up with a long and a short for the same currency. I guess this acted as a hedge for sideways movement. If the trend clearly happens, one side gets stopped out and the other is making money. 🙃 Well, so far I have lost most of my trades. Is the target too high? There's no case where I achieved it. 😭
  6. This is interesting and maybe my style of trading. I am trying it out on demo. Some observations and questions. The legs are subjective. Do you include minor retracements with the general swing? I guess it's all arbitrary, the larger the reference swing, the longer the position holding time will be. If you do fibs on a small swing, then the trading window is shorter, stops are closer and less reliable. If it already bounced at the 38.2% mark, do I discount the setup already? Or do I still wait if the bounce fizzles out (not breaking the Fib high/low) and goes further down to 50%?
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