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  1. Yes if you keep eye on them you can get out limit the loss , your reply is like driving a car at a wall and not hitting the brake.
  2. OIL £1623.4 Purchase price minus £1237.2 Current price = loss of Per Barrel £386.2 x 21Barrels = - £8110.20 is Correct Just incase ,figs can be confusing if novice £386.2 would be three pounds 86.2p Hope this helps , remember each point is a pip so effectivley you lost 386.2 x 21 = 8110.20
  3. Man with respect your crazy, 1 its your responsibility to watch your trades, sometimes you get alerts, but not always, 2 why on earth go long on oil when everything so mad, AML, read their own press alerts things tight , no insult intended ive had good and bad days ,Know this markets are crooked , there are patterns and there are manipulating traders, TRENDS very important,you really need to learn that some news stories misleading and sometimes when press deadlines looming reports are guesswork to hit deadlines and can not be relied on ,dont just read reports on here cross ref with Benzin
  4. Rules in stock market are like chocolate socks,algorithams in stock market can seek and kill trades,had previous experience where expert i followed suggested 300 stop loss i went 600 then i decided not enough went farfar more and enormous drop in minuites and return to top wiped me out, you will learn in time markets are not best place to find fairness,and honesty ,your up against serious influncers ,inside traders, and misleading news items ,and some alledged experts who are nothing of the sort in a group who bull each other up to get tv time and sell books and courses.
  5. Also recommend use demo account for at least 30 trades if not more and watch indices and commodities regular or any others you may be interested in to gauge how quick markets move .
  6. Its your choice but if new to trading ,the current market is for experienced traders ,if you trade as newbie in current turmoil i am 100% sure you will burn.
  7. This coro going to go for months,Oil rising today, ships not sailing ,planes not flying, streets quiet, big loss of trade due in general, enough oil sloshing around to make a knew ocean, fattening the goose again,im pretty sure you know what im suspecting comes next.
  8. I called oil $40 or less on 3rd Feb, now to be bold $72 IN 6 MONTHS and Dow 60000 18 months may take a few weeks to true bottom,peek a troughs first
  9. Dont forget, shop price inc profit for retailer aslso amazes me people think gold is safe ,dont forget they oassed a law to turn in gold or face prison and in the day enormous fines, gold is for trading large sums its no use for groceries if currency low
  10. Yep my thoughts exactly, bit like why put off today what you can put off tomorrow!🤧
  11. If 72% as examples of investors lose money , then that chart has very little value of where markets will go .
  12. Fattening the goose for the chop/drop pointto note sense does not drive markets and those in priveliged position know whats coming and how to long or short markets before anyone else, i dont beleive that people close to trump dont go to market before he annouces something out of the blue i know some time ago when an expert i followed was suggesting a 300 point stop loss i went 2000 and in no time it was wiped out in a crazy drop that lasted no time and shot back up and oif that wasnt an algoritham on a mission i will eat my hat.Algorithams are a blight as far as im concerened trading isnt real
  13. Fattening the goose for the chop / drop.
  14. Cora tip of iceberg ,WHO, done own estimates numbers to balloon yet, wauting for this to drop like a stone
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