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  1. To my mind there are two basic strategies plus money management. 1. Focus on just one or two shares that have a logical relationship, indices or currency pairs. Not all at once, but just two from the same genre so that you have something to compare with. 2. Discover by observation (not by chucking money at them) what time frame works well with the Guppy Moving Average + Ichimoku (with only the two colour fills; Senkou span A & B in play). If using IG platform, then you can switch out the Tenkan, Kijun and Chikou San). Some indices will lead you a wild goose chase except on very
  2. I have been following with great interest the various comments re your ‘baptism of fire’ over the last few months. From my own personal experience and testing the advice of others, a comment made on another platform that sticks with me very forcefully is: “the only aspiration of the market is to persuade you to pay more for your shares than they are worth and then to buy them back from you at a much lower price”. Whatever the ‘news management’ or any other marketing stratagems used, these are exclusively for the sole purpose of making money for the market at your/my expense. Call me
  3. Perhaps this a question that you should ask ProRealtime directly via their website. Then, once logged on, find the Forums or Help, and address your question to Nicholas as he is very well informed on the vagaries of their products working on the IG Platform. Hope that helps
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