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  1. ESMA requirement is hard on all trade client as classified and as I don't have 500K to qualified, but does not implies to take unnecessary risk with another broker out of the heaven zone I know. Question: So what solution can i provide to my trading considering the ESMA? Answer, since ESMA set the close out to be 50% of Equity I will implement Account Management as follows which I think is reasonable and more so focusing to be professional in by skill development. Tradeable Account = Capital Fund / 2 ... providing a tradable account then 10% of Tradeable Account for a single trade Note; this is not blanket solution to my account management as I have to considered the require equity to open the position of a particular instrument before concluding on position size base on 10% Tradeable Account. **Change your approach to the game if the rules change, you are still a winner**
  2. Margin Call as I understand is that when account or equity fall below a percentage, for instant 10%. Unfortunately IG Platform does not provide means of self monitoring your equity percentage remain before getting such call. Options available are: Fund Profit/Loss Margin Available Equity Equity Used The only missing factor is Equity Remain in Percentage, as the Equity Used indicate the used but the question arise; out of what percentage is equity used from. With this question answer any trader can self managed not to be victim of Margin Call. This also apply to ProrealTime platform too, with exception to MetaTrader that provide Margin Level, which calculated the answer to the question of how much margin do I have left before potential Margin Call. If no extra menu needed can IG indicate by reading of Equity Used as x% used of Z% for clarity on the platform. i do think it will be helpful for the platform.
  3. Micro Account should be a standard for IG, Why? How can IG justified micro dealing on MT4 account but not on the main platform. I am comfortable using Proreatime tool but no other broker have it. Then trading with IG with minimum of Mini Account had made me not to trade with IG any more as i don't have the risk level understanding five years back when I started with IG. Now I trade with other brokers because the freedom to manage your risk is important, how can one trade using the amount you can not afford due to the restriction. Hope in future IG will do what its right to attract new trader, I dream I can be with IG but I can not due to no mini lot trading. I can not see the reason why not, if IG could not even offer Leverage of 1:500 then please allow trader to deal with freedom.
  4. Hello, Go to www.prorealtime.com and register as a free user and you will be able to do that you want to except, that DATA will be on previous data. That is, no real-time data for testing and, you can still get used to new keyword and drawing tool that is new feature.