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  1. Nice concise video there Casey. The way this chap scaled out of the trade is how I normally do it, however I have been unable to do this during the high volatility of recent times. This is because it is an instant execution order rather than a pending one in the queue. I'd love to find out if there is a way to schedule a pending partial closure within MT4 and not relying on mini terminal. I have to say I still don't understand how the mini terminal is supposed to work.
  2. Thanks Casey, I will check that vid out later. 👍
  3. I will try on a live account and let you know. I'm still struggling to understand what parameter is mini terminal setting on the order ticket to tell it not to take a hedge trade and to close part of the existing trade? Mini terminal must be setting a flag somewhere to do this?
  4. Hi guys, Well I've tried what you suggested Casey to no avial. I can set up a pending order no problem and that works nicely. However when I change the lot size using the arrows then move my mouse a bit MT4 just crashes. Then I relaunch MT4 and set the stop order by double clicking on the appropriate ladder and it sets the order. When that order fills it just starts another order and does not close part of the original order. This is what I was left with. I've tried with both NonHedgingMode = true and false and the same thing happens. Out of curiosity - How is the order processed? If you say it's a function of the mini terminal and you can't send the order using the MT4 order window I'm intrigued to know what parameter in the pending order (which is broker side) is set to tell them to close the opposite position? Surely if the closure part was done by the mini terminal it wouldn't be filled as it's the same as manual pressing close in MT4. If anyone can shed some light that would good, cheers, Ed
  5. @Caseynotes Any more thoughts on why the pending Buy Limit order didn't close part of the position even though I was in NonHedging mode? Is there a way of setting this up from the standard MT4 order ticket window?
  6. Yes I just checked that but it was selected... Is there a way of setting this up from the standard MT4 order ticket window?
  7. Update - Well there's some good news and some bad news. Good news is that the pending buy limit order was filled which is a good start however it just seemed to open a new order and is now running rather than closing part of the original order. I made sure that NonHedgingMode was set to True. and this is what the trading window looks like. What have I done wrong? Ed
  8. Bingo! Well half way there anyway. I was too close to the Ask price which is why it wasn't placing the order. So let's see if they fill the order. 🤞 I didn't realise you could close part of a position this way so that's a real help. Many thanks, Ed
  9. Cheers Casey. I will try, It's probably something to do with having other indicators open etc. I've just loaded it with a chart with no indicators etc and it appeared to be working OK although it did crash eventually but I got a lot further. Also, you mentioned that a pending order placed using the mini-terminal is further up the queue. Is the pending order actually placed with the broker when you make it or is it kept internally on the software until it's triggered. If that is the case then I surely that then gets handled like a market order? I'm struggling to actually place the market order. I've clicked on the Buy ladder (as I'm in short trade) and it gives me a Buy Limit then it popped up with a dragable box for either a SL or TP. I just select TP of 0 as I wasn't expecting it to appear being in a Non Hedging Mode. Any help is appreciated? See pic below Sorry for the questions I'm a newbie! Although it's quite good seeing this trading environment while I'm still demo trading. hopefully be able to put some processes in place now to stand me in good stead later down the line.
  10. I'm on a normal candle stick chart and online. Just crashes as soon as I change to the required lot size. Do you know the person to contact regarding this, not that I'm expecting much help! E
  11. Yeah I thought so - double negatives and all that! NonNonNonHedgingMode = True 🙃 I've looked at using the mini terminal before but it kept crashing so parked it. Coming back to it now it keeps either freezing or crashing. After a quick search i saw you were having trouble with it too Did you manage to sort it or get around the issues? For me if I change the lot size using the numbers at the top of the terminal it crashes and if I hover over the ladder on the right it initially shows me a level but then just freezes. Is there an update maybe? Cheers, Ed
  12. Thanks @Caseynotes. So just to get this right I need to make sure that NonHedgingMode is set to False? Many thanks, Ed
  13. Thanks @Caseynotes I’ll have a go in a bit.
  14. @Caseynotes thanks for you reply. I would understand that if that were the case however this is for the AUD/NZD which doesn’t appear to be moving around that quickly - nothing too out of the ordinary anyway. I’d like to close 50% of the position can you do that with a pending order in MT4?
  15. I'm getting the same problem, which also occurred yesterday. Not great in my eyes, especially as I'm still at the evaluation phase. Is there any way around this, I'll accept what they give me?
  16. Hi, I downloaded the Autochartist EAs and IG MT4 add on EA's. They seem to working correctly on my PC however when I try to use them on my laptop they say they have loaded correctly but either nothing is displayed or they are only partly displaying. Does anyone have any ideas? I've checked auto trading and live trading etc and they seem to be set correctly. I have a hunch its a dll issue or something related to displaying the graphics etc. Maybe resolution? When I run the Autochartist EA a box appears with a number at the top left of the window but nothing displays and I can't close the box. Any ideas/help is appreciated. ATB, Ed
  17. Hi everyone. I was wondering if there is functionailty in MT4 or an add on which allows you to place trades visually on a chart, including the ability to draw a stop loss (i.e. risk) and to calculate the position size before the trade is placed. Ideally I'd like to enter the amount I want to risk (either as a fixed amount or percentage of the fund equity) then click on the chart at the open price then drag to or click again where I want the stop placed. It would then ideally automatically calculate the lot size and give me the option of setting a Take Profit level before confirming and placing the trade. Has anyone seen anything like this, if so I'd love to hear from you, E
  18. Yes I'm most certainly on MT4 and did download a Currency strength Indicator but it doesn't seem to work, I just get flat lines for all the major currencies. Any ideas? Also, I have the IG apps in MT4 but can't seem to find the correlation matrix. Any ideas where that is? Many thanks, Ed
  19. That looks very good, I will check it out. Thanks once again.
  20. No I haven’t looked at that but I will. Does that show the relative strength of a currency though? Does anyone know how they calculate the relative strength of currencies?
  21. Hi all, I'm trying to find a good currency strength indicator for MT4. I downloaded the free momentum meter from forexsignals but it only seems to work with BlueBerry Markets. Can anyone suggest a good one to compare the strength of the 8 major currencies against each other? Many thanks, Ed
  22. Thanks all, I tried what you suggested an it sorted the problem out. Many thanks
  23. update.....MT4 did open however it said not responding and I had to force it to close. Any ideas guys and gals? Cheers, Ed
  24. Hi, I've just made a modification to an indicator in MQL4 and then MT4 seemed to crash. I then couldn't restart it. The busy icon was wurring away but then nothing happened. I restarted my computer a few times but still nothing. Then after about 7 mins and whilst I'm typing this it has just popped up. Any ideas what happened there? Is there a lock after a crash? Thanks
  25. Thanks guys. I’ll take a look at the IG sessions.
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