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  1. Looks like we all waiting for 1200 to get in the train now. Another thing that they know that where we are waiting, but we do not know that what they are planning... I believe that dirty money not smart (hedge funds, banks etc) hunt together against small traders, investors like us. They all know the plan, timing etc... It looks like impossible to win against them with the charts they draw. We need a clear long term strategy and willingness to loose if it is wrong. Otherwise they will fool us again and again with psychological and computerized price movements. Regards!
  2. Sometimes all you need a vision and courage to execute... Whatever you will do in your life, when you ask and listen too much, you will just start to hesitate your vision and loose your courage to execute. If I would execute this long term strategy, I would be sitting around 100K profit just in 3 months... This is a 100K experience: If you believe in your vision in any trade or business, first decide how much you can afford to loose, then execute your plan without any hesitation because you have already accepted the loss, you have nothing to loose. Regards!
  3. If you were in loss, they would have no problem to close all your positions even below 1.12 tough...
  4. Don't worry about , nothing missed yet. It was really hard day to trade though. I got hit by the needle with just 2 points while I was sitting on the 6K profit Hopefully, I managed to secure 2K of it. I just can't help thinking of how much profit I would be sitting on right now if I put the stops 2 points lover, possibly around 15K ( I was expecting stronger move to break the resistance line after fed decision, but Gold came only half way. On the other hand, Silver is at the resistance line already. I start to believe that we will be moving up and down in the wedge, triangle or whatever it is until December for both gold and silver So, I am short on silver and long on gold at the moment. Cheers!
  5. Hi  I believe in the A-E fashion with the expectation of no Fed rate hike. Down to around 1290 till Wednesday, then the wave 3 until December. Wednesday will be very hard to trade, they can push it till 1260 before going up... Of course it all depends on Fed. I think fed will pass again. What you think ? Cheers!
  6. Looks like gold catch us all . How is your new count, you think that C completed ? September is the most bullish month historically for gold. Also, looks like us rate hike possibility going down with new datas. You still think its a pull back or new bullish wave started ? Cheers!
  7. Hi  and  Looks like its breaking down the triangles one by one. There is last one has support at 1320 then final flat line at 1310. I think there could be another very sharp leg up to 1340 area to clear some shorts before wave C. I think 1330-1340 area are good for shorts with the target of 1280. Where is your entry points and targets ? Cheers!
  8. Hi  Please be careful, as  sad that Gold is very unpredictable and can make sharp moves specially when USA data comes out. General advise, close the positions before data come out. I think thats why you see those moves. In 1 min it can go up and down $20+ to kill 2 ways all stops. You cannot compete with machines in that moment... My humble advise; until you confident your technical and fundamental analysis, risk and position management, do not trade! Maybe better to test your skills on demo account first at least for 3 months. I really wish someone would give me this advise when I start trading.
  9. Hi  Looks like its breaking down the triangles one by one. There is last one has support at 1320 then final flat line at 1310. There could be another leg up to 1340 area. Then your wave C confirmed Where is your entry point and target if its confirmed ? Cheers!
  10. Hi  Took +4K profit on gold and silver shorts on friday, wish would wait little bit more ( Opened new shorts today... Whats your current analysis and position ? Cheers!
  11. Hi  That triangle started to take profit on my shorts. It looks like its gonna break up as the pattern suggested since we are in the bull market. Also, I cannot see any fundamental reason to push the gold down to 1280. I am really confused... 
  12. Hi  and  , First weekly chart of the  is showing what I am afraid of (being at the beginning of w3 ???) For now, I am on the short camp as well  However, gold keeps hitting (3rd time) long term resistance trend line. Even though its coming back quickly from the resistance line (1375-1364-1358) looks like it wants to go up... Weakness of USD and demand for every retrace other things make me confused. Also, there could be a flat ABC pattern for retrace (1310-1365-1310) right. Maybe better to wait for a break of 1365 or 1310 ?
  13. As they say "Missing fish is always a big one" From July: "I think its started for Crude at 49 when its broken down the trend line from the bottom. Also, when we consider current economic outlook, brexit etc. I think it will retrace till 44-40-36 before moving up again..."
  14. Perfect trade  . Mine was gold around 1320-1355. I call the crude drop right (48-44-40) as you know but could not trade because lack of time and margin. I decided to focus on gold... Next time let me know before the trade
  15. Hi again Mercury, I was on holiday for couple weeks, so I could not follow and reply your valuable analysis... I see different counts when I look at the weekly gold chart : W1: 1060-1285 W2: 1285-1198 (61% fibo retrace) W3: 1375 (should not be shorter than W1) OR 1425 (161% fibo of W1) I think 1425 looks more sensible until next month NFP data. What you think ? PS: on daily charts w3 looks way too much longer than w1 in terms of fibo...
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