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  1. Hi Tradebot, My preferred timeframe for analysis would be H4, but I do use lower timeframes for confirmation of reaction to a particular target. I find equally important to verify Daily and Weekly.
  2. Will close WHC.ASX Completion of trade, will buy it again at next set up. (hopefully at discounted price (I'll be watching it)
  3. IOZ.ASX (ASX200 Emulation) Clear break from structure. Closed position last week (partially). Waiting for a possible pullback.
  4. PNV.ASX Waiting for a retest of support for an entry. Cup and Handle pattern. target $3.6
  5. LYC.ASX SOLD this week, (completion of previous inverted head and shoulders and price has reached a major resistance on weekly chart) will wait for a potential retest of neckline (support zone) then buy again and compound those gains. We all know Lynas for its bull run potential (looking at historical data form 2009, reaction to recession, when prices reached $26). Fundamentals looks solid, now it's a technical play to the top with opportunities to compound the gains. SL (stop loss) alert set up just under major support.
  6. CMM.ASX in a good buy zone. 2Hr candles showing bullish reaction to support price level and simultaneously showing good reaction to TL (trendline). Fundamentals with solid backing. It's a buy for me. Will set SL (stop loss) should price break thru support or TL. (4hr candle close with clear break)
  7. PLS.ASX Buy Inverted Head and Shoulders 58% return with 4:1 RvR Price might retest neckline
  8. Hey traders, What an exciting time to trade ASX right now! I'm interested in starting a group for ideas for technical analysis for trading on ASX300 listed companies and ETF... trying to build on my portfolio. Working together we have more eyes on the market and hopefully a better return! Here we go: today's trade Long on GDX.ASX Candles looking Bullish, possible bounce from trendline. Good 9% return. 3.3 RvR
  9. 4 hourly H&S is ~105 points and has already broken thru neckline.
  10. @Nelsy-Boy Further more analysis on the chart and trying to decipher Elliot Wave As a mentor once told me, if you ask 10 traders to do an EW analysis on a chart, you will probably get 10 different results. My result is explained bellow. To understand what we have in front of us, we need to look at the past. As you can see, the previous wave concluded at ~73.3 (set point 4 must retrace and bounce from point 1, as point 1 sets a critical support/resistance), the total wave value from A to 3, will have a continuation of further 30%. Current wave: 77.7 75.6 o
  11. Hey @Nelsy-Boy With that particular set up: I would go short and protect my entry with a stop loss above H&S head. (4 hourly), take profit @ ~ 75.7 and then place an order for long at ~ 75.7 and protect the set up with Stop loss just bellow 73.4, see monthly with fake break out from 200 MA and bounce. (if you really want to 'splurge' with stop loss, you can set it up bellow the quadruple bottoms). Take profit on long @ ~ 79.4 as monthly price meets 50 MA. With the long position still open, I'll place a short entry @ 77.8 and 79.42, to profit on those retracements. Th
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