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  1. it seems you can not win running overnight positions with IG .. apart from the ridiculous funding costs ther number of times you seem to be stopped at the artificial markets they make can not be random standard excuse .. market conditions meant we needed to widen spreads at least the local casino gives you free food and drinks as they do you over ..
  2. i wonder if other providers gasp stop you out as much as IG .. the number to times i am stopped out on the low of the moves overnight suggest it isnt random remember IG is a casino u are betting against them .. they make and change spreads to suit them .. only them .. so effectively it is a casino with rigged games
  3. i assume IG will be participating in the hard fork of bitcoin cash
  4. this is shocking behaviour did anyone receive nay notification IG knows who has a bitcoin gold position so why doesn't it send them an email informing them what happens rather than trying to trade and get a bs message pop up so unprofessional
  5. yeah what is this about ? IG struggling to make money on it
  6. can u check the justification for 24 point stop in GBP/EUR
  7. ahh shocking maths on my behalf but these are non guaranteed stops so why does IG care ? or why should it (obviously it does thus it must have risk it is running, and thus markets wont be fair ) if market spikes 6% then my stop is triggered and i get whatever price IG gives me .. obviously near the top of the move otherwise in normal market conditions the stop will be triggered as always IG wants to have the cake and eat it
  8. i do not understand why IG has stops so far from market when they are not guaranteed why is the ripple stop a minimum of 5 points which equates to 17% ? ridiculous and unhelpful
  9. why is the minimum stop level for gbp/eur 24 points ?
  10. some weird prices action overnight on the aluminium futures spikes does and then bounces back ... did that happen int eh futures market or was it just an IG thing ?
  11. you are trading on a bid offer made by IG .. it may or may not track other markets
  12. ha on this occasion the answer was good although not sure why the stops jumps from 0.2 to 1 when the arrows should move in increments of 0.1 it is still overall a rigged casino
  13. hello why are the stops in VIX either 0.2 or then 1 ? 0.2 is too close to the bid offer but then you have to run much more risk otherwise why cant the trader decide to have a stop at 0.5 ? why does IG care where the stop is (apart from trying to get it triggered asap)