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  1. is anyone getting any information from IG about when crupto can trade or when lots size change service is a complete joke
  2. just watching the jun17 eu vol index wholesale market is 16.40 / 16.45 ig is making 16.28/16.48 this is unfair to me .. clearly ig trader is worried about buying and is skewing his market to reflect this
  3. has anyone else seen the markets and spreads made by ig reflecitng what i assume are their positions just so everybody is aware when u are using IG you are competing with market movements but also IG position taking .. ig isnt an exchange you are effectively trading against them so if it is going wrong for them .. you can work out what they will do
  4. does anyone else seem to have roll overs occur at the worst possible levels ? i was lead to believe that ig would roll positions at better levels than the two bid offers .. but as with everything else about IG , get as much cash out of the customer as possible as they wont be on the platform too long once we have milked them ...
  5. what i am suggesting is that the exit price for a trade you have on should be better than the standard bid offer for a new trade re funding spread .. you pay to borrow money and earn nothing on money you effectively lend to iG
  6. ig caught out again playing games on the close even if market rallied no need for IG to widen its spread ..
  7. hello Hannah ig makes a spread around a spread that spread is at ig's discretion .. they become very hazy at opening of markets and just before closes and seem to be much wider which just happens to trigger stops .. which the IG traders can see ... if u r long and want to sell out you have to cross the bid offer spread and then the ig bid spread ig could assist its CUSTOMERS by assisting in the exit of trades at the more economic level as possible full one side spread (not double) on entry ... very little spread on exit this would of course differentiate IG and bring in more custom and more revenue upto IG if it wants to have clients cross wide bid offers and get tired and resentful of it or if it attempts to see a smarter way your message misses the point ig should show different prices to exist trade in your open positions to prices in your watch list why not be open about your spreads ... no one argues about ig making a spread as it is their business and dont even get me started on your funding spread .. just pay pay pay , ridiculous during period of low interest rates so it isnt just the bid offer where IG makes its money ... until that changes churn and burn is the business model sorry IG is not offering best execution possible to clients as there is no transparency to spreads and no attempt to assist exit of assisting trades i dont not believe markets are made around mid market .. i have watched live underlying markets and prices are skewed by IG one way or the other or spreads widened clearest way is to show market live bid offer and ig spread ... then no arguments i suggest this would be a measure that the FCA would approve of
  8. why should you have to cross the ig bid offer spread twice on each trade ?? ig should get its spread on the first leg and then try to let you exit that trade at the best possible price so bid offer shown will be different to the price that you can exit a trade at and you cant add extra to the trade at that price ie u can buy 1 and sell more than 1 at the better price obviously this would hurt ig bottom line short term but i would trade alot more if spreads were tighter and i didnt feel IG was taking out as much cash on each trade as possible thus ig would make alot more money out of me long term if i felt ig actually tried or cared about making my trading a success this meausre would also indicate to the FCA that IG takes customer care properly at the moment IG considers itself better than the rest but it really is just a churn and burn merchant
  9. please explain how i can be charged both and long interest charge and a short interest charge simultaneously ?
  10. hannah you are missing the point you should not have to go an manually work out your current intraday pnl when all trades etc are on the system i want to see a running pnl not have to go into a history section and spreasheet it this is definitely not what i am looking for
  11. ig needs to focus should be to provide a platform that is user friendly and assists customers to trade and to make the right decisions.. traders will be successful and trade more and make ig more money instead it tries to turn it into a casino the fca investigation is because of the failings of the industry to be professional and also of the operators being to greedy to fleece their customers at any chance possible
  12. why cant i save my news search so it filters the news for the words i am looking for that would help me
  13. one of my biggest concerns with ig is its propensity to "trigger" stops a stop should not be triggered until the price has been traded ig think a stop should be triggered when ITS BID OR OFFER IS AT THAT LEVEL so u have tirggers controlled by the person setting the bid offer i dont mind a trigger getting hit and i get the next price whant angers me is the activation of a trigger just because ig sets its bid or offer there maybe fca has a point
  14. i want to have a daily pnl on my machine, it needs to show all changes to my cash balance ie funding market movements and intra day trading this would be a help to customers and porbably even more important a prudent risk measurement tool leave ti to your own thoughts why ig did not set it up initally
  15. the whole stop regime for ig is very poor, you have to wonder why they dont try to help their customers .. would ti be rude to suggest that ig makes its money from crossing bid offers as many times as possible
  16. why would ig want to help you trade better dont they only get paid when you cross their bid offer , especially bad on weekends .. makes you question the validity of the whole business
  17. stop triggers should only occur when a printed price triggers them. obviously ig wants to close you out as much as possible to get their income .. but as they see the standing orders and they control their bid offer this is wrong