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  1. Dear IG staff Cresco Labs has raised $100 Millions and started trading today did IG missed it Or is something that they not planning to add? Or please IG can you please These cannabis stocks so we could buy them shares? We are missing out on them potential stocks to get in to, https://www.crescolabs.com/cresco-labs-awarded-ohio-medical-cannabis-dispensary-license/
  2. Becoming a Pot IPO Millionaire Is Possible (Just Watch Dec. 4th)Next week, on December 4, a little-known, but HUGE event is set to take place in the pot industry. Get in early, and you could turn even a tiny grubstake of $250 into a massive fortune
  3. I hear you but, I think it should not be the task given to investors, to recommend the stocks, the market is huge(Cannabis stock)and you should be adding all of those who meets your requirements https://finance.yahoo.com/u/yahoo-finance/watchlists/420_stocks and this is just the few of the tip of the iceberg, And when checking cannabis stock on your site you seems to have too little, yes,,,,,,is it because the rest not available on your site you checked them and they did not meet your requirements? Or the task is given to investors to ask you if you could add them? Do you have a list of all Cannabis Related Stocks on your site For my onw due diligence on them?
  4. I'm one of those who are interested in cannabis stocks as a whole, like CBD, Beverages, Vapes etc But I find it hard to invest in them as IG have not yet or will never add them to their site and this means one Might need to end up having to open another account that have/offer stocks that are not available here On IG and this will mean IG loosing on potential interested investors or IG is comfortable with what they have so far and not planning extention. One might Ask
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