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  1. Competitive it might be, yet it can still be way too high. I understand there are ways around it - either invest more (I’d love to, but not a realistic proposal these days I’m afraid) - or invest less often in larger chunks (yet still pay custody fees in the meantime, plus still the money problem) - or consider ETFs and Smart Portfolio (yes, doing that, but I just want to own some stock outright) - or use CFDs (great if you have time to be on it, which is not realistic long term) Yet unfortunately none of that covers the scenario, where I’d like to make a gradual and long
  2. With ever changing limits, fees and other artificial obstacles, the share dealing for a small investor on IG platform is becoming increasingly frustrating experience. Can I just ask the IG support and also regular experienced (small) investors, what is the realistic and practical monthly investment that’s even close to viable? - There’s a quarterly £24 custody fee. In order to a avoid it, you have to do 3+ share dealings in the last 3 months, costing you £24-30, depending on the market. OK, so you basically pay £24+ initially no matter what. - There’s $0/£3/€10 per deal afterwards, so u
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm missing something on my trading platform, or just some small print, but is there a way how to buy East Asian companies shares? I can't seem to find most of the big Technology and Automotive companies that are listed on TWSE, SEHK, TYO, etc Thanks
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