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  1. Thank you. I have done as you have said and I can now get the settings tab. The settings tab was clearly there before, as I clicked on it to change my background to black. IG really need to look at this. Thanx again
  2. Hello I want to change the colour of my background in the new ig platform but the settings tab which is supposed to be on the right, has now gone. How do I change it?
  3. HI I am dealing on ftse 100 dfb mainly and forex markets. When I click to edit position (classic platform) the box is there but won't let me click guaranteed stop, but it will tick trailing stop. Both guaranteed and trailing work fine on my mobile. On the new platform under the positions list, I try to click on add stop and I only get normal and trailing stop to choose from. Am I correct in saying I can't add a guaranteed stop on open positions in the new platform?
  4. Hello I can't seem to put a tick in the guaranteed stops box when I use my laptop, it stays blank when I click it, but it works when I use my phone. Does anyone know why this is?
  5. Hello I cannot load the chart on the IG platform. I can load pro realtime fine, but the one in the drop down box in IG doesn't load anymore, it is just blank. The chart was working fine until my windows updated itself about a week ago. I like to use this simple chart as I don't always want to load pro realtime. Anyone got any suggestions?
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